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Collagen for weight loss : Benefits and tips

Collagen supplements have been increasingly used by people who want to lose weight and improve body health. Collagen has several beneficial effects scientifically proven, so that its consumption is generally recommended. If collagen slimming down is, however, an issue that has not yet been completely answered by science. The ways to take collagen are many and fortunately the risks are very small.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an extremely important protein for the human body, since it fulfills numerous structural functions. In fact, collagen makes up more than half of the protein present in the human body, so it is present in virtually all organs and structures such as bones and muscles.

Because of this practically universal presence, collagen is responsible for the health of various structures. There is collagen to keep the skin firm, the hair healthy and shiny, the nails tough, and so on.

However, there is a natural loss of collagen along aging. From the age of 25-30, as the age passes, there is a diminishing concentration of collagen in the human body. This loss is often heightened by environmental factors: poor diet, excessive work, stress or pollution.

Thus, there is at least one good reason to consume collagen: to restore your levels throughout your life. This is getting easier since there are several ways to consume the so-called hydrolyzed collagen (ie collagen prepared as a supplement).

What are the Benefits of Collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen has a number of scientifically proven beneficial effects. There are, for example, numerous clinical evidences that their consumption improves the health of the nails and of the hair, making them more resistant and brilliant.

There is also the proven role of collagen in the formation of muscles. If the collagen levels are good, the muscles develop more easily and, also, more properly.

In addition to the muscles, another structural component is benefited by collagen: the cartilage. This benefit is demonstrated by studies, not yet very numerous, that point to the role of collagen in reducing arthritis pain.

There is, in short, a strong relationship between the body’s structural health and collagen. This relationship leads to the current trend of using collagen to combat aging in its various manifestations.

Does Collagen Slim?

Among so many benefits, however, a question remains: does consuming collagen hydrolyze lose weight?

There are reasonable grounds to believe that collagen has some weight-loss effect. Firstly, one can consider the important role of collagen in the development of muscles. Since collagen stimulates the growth of muscle mass, it is reasonable to assume that this growth will consume energy from the body, which will lead to a reasonable loss of fat.

In addition, increasing muscle mass causes a rise in the amount of energy used daily by the body, which, in addition to causing weight loss on its own, contributes to the much-desired acceleration of metabolism.

Another possibility is the slimming caused by reduced appetite, which results in a lower daily intake of calories. Collagen is recognized for its property of quenching hunger, so consuming it can help those who tend to overeat.

However, even with these possibilities, there are still no reliable scientific studies to prove that collagen is thinning. Despite the gigantic hype about hydrolyzed collagen supplements, it is possible that the weight gain obtained by those who consume hydrolyzed collagen is actually an effect of other causes.

Collateral Weight Loss

The weight loss verified by those who consume supplements of hydrolyzed collagen can be caused by other reasons that, in general, are associated with the consumption of the collagen. Certain conducts during consumption, as well as certain components that accompany the supplements, may actually be the actual sources of weight loss.

One of the reasons is the time when it is generally recommended to consume collagen. Many manufacturers of hydrolyzed collagen supplements advise their consumers to take them before bed, running out of food for up to three hours before that. In this way, much of the weight loss experienced can actually be triggered on an empty stomach during these hours and then throughout the night.

There are also elements that often accompany the hydrolyzed collagen. Some of them, like Aloe vera , have recognized diuretic effects, that is, they cause a greater elimination of water by the body. This elimination of water can also create an illusion of slimming, since it reduces the swelling of the body.

Insufficient scientific evidence, as well as the existence of this weight loss that is not due to collagen itself, indicates that one must doubt the supposed weight-bearing properties of collagen. Whether or not collagen weights is a question we do not know for sure yet.

How to take

There are several ways to take hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen versions are available in capsules that are extremely practical as well as versions of collagen powder. Collagen powder is a good possibility to combine with juices so as to offer even more satiety.

There are, however, a variety of other forms. You can find bullets and chocolates that have concentrated collagen, also present in many cereal bars and granolas. It is also possible to consume collagen in the form of gelatins, which usually have, however, a very low concentration of collagen.

The most important thing is, however, to determine the right dose to be consumed. This dosage depends on the product used, since the collagen concentrations may vary. In any case, the advice of a nutritionist is advised to know exactly how to take and how to avoid an exaggerated dosage. In excess, collagen can lead to unwanted effects.

What are the risks in taking collagen?

Fortunately, the risks involved in the consumption of collagen are very small. It is a substance already widely found in the human body, and any excesses will not have serious consequences.

It is necessary, however, to be attentive to the possibility of gaining weight. Collagen is a very nutritious food in itself. If it is consumed without any reduction in normal meals, there will be an excessive daily consumption of calories, which will certainly lead to weight gain.

In addition, it should be remembered that this is a supplement and therefore it is advisable to obtain guidance from a nutritionist.


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