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The Danger of Food Additives

Food Additives: What are they used for? What side effects do they have on health? How to detect them? Why does everyone consume them as if nothing?


Before you get into the matter fully, let us explain why it is so important that you read this article:

It is very easy to feel a certain refusal to listen to certain arguments. If you ever meet someone who tells you that virtually everything you buy at a conventional grocery store is just crap, your first thought will probably be, ” Go with these radical organics .” The same thing happened to us. The first people who appeared in our lives suggesting such ideas seemed to us a bit fanatical and extremist. The bad (or wonderful) thing is that we then set out to investigate and corroborate that information.

We are normal and ordinary women, men, professionals, prepared, responsible of our lives, mothers and companions. We are not extremists or fanatics of anything. In fact, we try to contrast the information and to use common sense, like any person.

Of course we can go wrong because we are human beings, but honestly, after listening and reading reports from independent science professionals talking about the aberration of our industrialized diets, common sense tells us …. How awful! Do we really live so deceived?

Why does everyone consume additives as if nothing is wrong ?

Everyone consumes additives … they believe it  cannot be so dangerous

We all feel safe consuming additives and processed products because everyone does . And why does everyone do it? Because there are extremely qualified marketing professionals who do their job well. If an ad claims “0% fats”, “in an instant”, “light” or “good for your skin”, we are there, buying it without question

If the additives were so dangerous … the health authorities would let us know

Let’s use common sense. If you take the time to find out how the international market works, you will find out quickly (it does not take a lot of time to invest) that virtually all the firms you regularly consume belong to the same multinationals. In all sectors, there are several companies that own virtually everything you consume. At the same time, you will also discover that the very people who run these multinationals, occupy or have held positions of responsibility in the bodies that regulate the laws on the safety of these products (what is called a “revolving door” and which consists of having the possibility to favor those companies while they hold positions of responsibility in politics in exchange for a position and a salary of height in the future). Should not independent scientific groups decide and value food safety? What does common sense tell you about this?

What are the additives used for?

Food additives are used for all kinds of things that, ultimately, have the same purpose:  COMPRESS MORE so that the manufacturer SPEND LESS.

Colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, synthetic sweeteners … all serve to increase consumption by providing “unnecessary needs” and to reduce manufacturing costs. But the productive science of marketing does not tell you directly, but convinces you, through advertisements full of attractive and unreal people, that you need that product because it is good for you and will make life easier:

The additives serve to extend the life of the product.


Using certain additives , it is possible to extend the life of the product. But … What life are we talking about? Because what they do not tell you is that most of the essential vitamins and nutrients are lost along the way and that fresh foods are the ones that truly overflow life.

Additives seduce us.

When they present us with bright, equal, unpolished fruits and vegetables , or appetizing slices of york ham, they make us believe that their “juicy” aspect is good for our health. What the ads are not talking about is the side effects of the mass production of transgenics and chemicals that have been used to give it uniformity, gloss, flavor, texture, etc. Have you ever wondered why the corpses are purple and yet the meat you buy in the super is a deep red? Can you imagine what that meat would look like if you did not eat it fresh and did not bring any additives?

Additives save time

Instead of us having to make them ourselves. When we consume a mayonnaise or any type of processed product instead, we assume that we are saving time. What we do not think is that these chemicals that we introduce into the body  every day, can generate  imbalances in the body that, in the future,  will cause us waste time with unpleasant illnesses when we could have made a natural sauce.


Additives help to lose weight .


When we observe luminous letters in the most striking part of the box of a product that says: ” 0 fats “, we assume that the fat is bad and that if we consume a light product , we are not going to put on weight. What it does not tell us on the product box is that the chemicals also accumulate in the body and that the “toxic michelines” and the retention of fluids and abnormalities that may occur in our biochemistry as a consequence, are rather more difficult to eliminate from our body that fat.


What do the additives do in your body?

Imagine that, instead of selling the supposed advantages of the product, you will find in supermarkets flashy signs with phrases like these:

  • “Yes, this product does not have sugar, but over the years, the chemicals that replace it will cause multiple sclerosis “
  • “Yes, consuming this product will save a lot of time that you will then have to invest in medical treatments because your sons and daughters will develop hyperactivity “
  • “Effectively, this mortadella has an exceptional taste and an appetizing aspect, but it will cause cancer “

It sounds like a joke, right? For the opinions and reports presented by independent specialists are not funny. Do you know what big multinationals are hiding? In the fact that it is very complicated to demonstrate that a small dose of here and a small dose of there causes serious illnesses. It is extremely difficult to demonstrate that a single ingredient causes a particular disease (although it has occurred many times in history with products that have suddenly had to be withdrawn from the market even though the “studies” presented at the time did not show malignancy But … What happens when we introduce into the body a few thousand additives every day, not only with food, but with cleaning products ,Industrial cosmetics or all the toxics in the home ?

The tests and bureaucratic processes necessary for a product to be sold are normally carried out with animals and for very short periods of time . Therefore, no one knows what impact they will have on human health in the long run . Although more and more are the expert voices that, with courage, dare to denounce their suspicions aloud.

Nicolás Olea , Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Granada and Research Coordinator of the Hospital Clínico de Granada, involved in numerous international research, has been conducting studies on the impact of these substances on female cancers for years. It is  said, full of arguments, that toxic from agriculture and “junk food” are transmitted from mother to child through the placenta and breast milk, so that the more children a woman have , the less likely she is to Develop cancer Because she has passed much of those toxics to her children. Not to mention the results of their studies on the amount of chemicals and heavy metals babies are born with (even banned substances from the 1950s that have been passed on to current babies from generation to generation).

But he’s not the only one. Independent scientific groups, highly prestigious journalists and other professional groups that are not related to commercial interests, relate daily consumption of all types of additives with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, obesity , diabetes , autism, hyperactivity, allergies , cholesterol , heart disease, failure The immune system , degenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s, and a very long etcetera that includes cancer , of course.

How to detect additives and toxic substances?

Very easy. You just have to look for the label in the most hidden and inaccessible place of the product you are buying, put on magnifying glasses to understand the lowercase and illegible letter and study chemical sciences to detect the innumerable and incomprehensible nomenclatures with which manufacturers inform the Consumer about these “synthetic delights”.

Although, if this seems a bit complicated, there is a much simpler alternative …. Learn to buy organic food . It is true that the majority of the population remains reluctant to buy organic food for two easily rebuttable arguments:

Organic food is very expensive

Yes, this statement is true, but biased. If we look at each product individually, it is true that it is more expensive than industrial products. In the first place, because of the fact that craftsmanship requires higher costs, and secondly because organic companies tend to manifest a more ethical conscience in all respects, respecting the environment and the labor costs in the production chain. On the other hand, when we go to super shifts, we usually spend a lot of money on junk food absolutely unnecessary. That is, it costs a lot less money to make a sauce than to buy it, etc. Therefore, with minimal involvement and a little common sense, we can make much cheaper purchases with fewer products that meet the same needs. Our experience is that, a month, much less money is spent.

It is very difficult to find organic food

Of course, it is much easier to find junk food than organic food. Conventional supermarkets are everywhere. But organic supermarkets are not so visible or abundant does not mean that they do not exist. In all cities there are cooperatives, markets or shops  that can satisfy your needs. It is only necessary to carry out a minimal research on where they are and have a little interest in finding creative solutions. We assure you that it will not be an uncomfortable process, but quite the contrary. You will discover that chatting with farmers, knowing the medicinal properties of certain nutrients and buying less seductive but healthier products is more enjoyable than entering a gigantic establishment to buy sophisticated and synthetic products .

We advise you to always carry this list of safe and dangerous additives to use when you go shopping.

As we have always been saying, we are neither scientific nor political and therefore, we do not have accurate knowledge that, indeed, chemicals have such negative consequences. We have to rely on what others say or demonstrate and get our hands on our personal opinion and judgment . But the more we investigate, the less doubts we have about it.

We are not suggesting, in any way, that the best alternative is to return to the Middle Ages, much less. Technology has brought great benefits to mankind, and if it were to be used with generosity rather than with an overwhelming hunger for power, we could achieve an evolved and generous world where life would be easy, simple and respectful for all human beings and for the planet .


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