Essential nutrients for pregnancy


We will explain what nutrients are essential in pregnancy, what vitamins and minerals and the importance of the mother’s personal circumstances. We also talk about pregnancy supplements and we offer some general nutrition advice in pregnancy.

The specific nutritional needs of pregnancy are a key factor in providing the baby with bodily integrity and strong defenses that will serve him for the rest of his life . That is, the way we have to feed ourselves during pregnancy (as well as other factors) is much more important than it may seem at first glance.

But before you go into the matter of feeding , you should take into account the particular aspects of the mother, especially so that you understand that what we are going to analyze in this report are basic nutritional rules during pregnancy , but that these depend a lot on the general condition of the mother before and during gestation .

Before preparing a diet that meets the physiological needs of the fetus and the body itself, it is necessary to make an assessment of the general health of the mother and her particular conditions . For example, age, weight, possible diseases, eating habits, health and well-being habits, personal and emotional situation, risk factors, etc.

It is up to a health professional to make this assessment and take it into account when telling us a diet to follow during pregnancy . As always, we urge you to look for the most trustworthy person to inspire you , and do not conform to the classic protocol tips that simply serve the world (and that most of the time they are not accompanied by true knowledge, but are “instructions” barracks).

On the other hand, and in parallel, we consider that it is equally important to collect all possible information .That is, in addition to letting us advise prepared people to tell us how to feed on essential foods, we also have to “devour” information in order to act responsibly and actively in the process.

Here we explain what are, in general, the nutritional needs of pregnancy and what nutrients we must take into account in a special way. We will also suggest some of the nutritional supplements that we like.


Proteins are the basic material with which our body is made, providing clear evidence of the importance of consuming high quality protein with all essential amino acids .

However, although the protein deficit in non-industrialized countries generates serious health disorders, in our industrialized society the same thing does not happen. Quite the contrary. The industrialized countries usually present a protein excess in the diet that carries other types of risks such as cardiovascular diseases or any type of pathologies related to anacidification of the organism .

On the other hand, we also have to consider energy expenditure , since many women reduce their physical wear during pregnancy , which has a lower requirement for all types of nutrients.

The recommended increase in protein intake throughout gestation is 10% with respect to the protein that is normally consumed. However, it is important to consider whether this regular intake of protein prior to gestation was adequate .

Good sources of protein during pregnancy are eggs ,fish or cereal + vegetable mix + nuts and seeds. Read more about the types of proteins and their functions


Energy needs increase considerably during pregnancy , and one of the most important sources of energy is carbohydrates . Since gestation reduces insulin levels (which causes a risk of diabetes ), it is important to consume slow-absorption carbohydrates that do not raise blood glucose levels sharply. These types of carbohydrates are mainly found in vegetables and vegetables, cereals and legumes , which are also rich in fiber , an essential element to avoid constipation .

Fruits , however, although it contains a lot of fiber, also has simple sugars of fast absorption , reason why it is necessary to take it with much moderation. 

Lipids or fats

The most beneficial type of fat for the your body are mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids . Special relevance during pregnancy have the essential fatty acids (which are polyunsaturated) omega 3 and omega 6 as they participate in brain development and neurological and nerve functions.

The most important sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are fish, nuts and seeds and vegetable oils of first cold pressure. Do not miss the extra virgin olive oil diet . Read more about fats , importance and functions in your body.

The vitamins of pregnancy

Although vitamins are essential factors and co-factors in the proper functioning of the body in general, some of them become particularly relevant during pregnancy. They are the following (in their respective reports you will find the food and the recommendations of each of them):

Vitamin A
Vitamin B1 , B2 , B6 , B9 or folic acid and B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

 Minerals of Pregnancy

Also, some minerals and trace elements are essential during gestation:

Dietary supplements

We want to insist that this information is absolutely orientative and that, in any way, it is necessary to assess the personal situation of the mother by a qualified professional .

General Nutrition Tips in Pregnancy

Here are some important points to keep in mind about nutrition during pregnancy:

Organic, please! Gestation is a stage especially sensitive and reactive to toxic substances , additives, aspartame and light , transgenic and other products of industrial food.

Do not eat for two .That argument of eating for two is not very advisable. In pregnancy, as in any situation, it is advisable to eat with moderation, responsibility and self-knowledge.

Avoid stimulants and drugs . It goes without saying that substances like coffee, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, etc. are not beneficial to anyone.

Beware of supplements . Although vitamin and mineral supplements do not carry as many side effects as medications, they should be taken with caution. We must not forget its biological action.

Consume fresh seasonal food. You will find them easily in your store of organic products. Learn to buy organic. Remember to include lots of vegetables, vegetables and cereals. In moderation animal protein, legume, nuts, seeds and fruits.Avoid excess saturated fats, wheat, milk and processed products.

Avoid overweight . A good way to do this is to schedule a balanced diet and practice daily gentle exercise , such as walking or yoga .

Vegetarian diet . If you follow a vegetarian diet , it is advisable to take into account the contribution of vitamin B12 and iron with supplementation if necessary.
In order to make the right decisions, it is extremely important to know the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy .


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