Importance of cholesterol

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We tend to think that cholesterol is bad. The truth is that in excess it is. However cholesterol in our body is very important, and a lack of it can also create serious health problems ; it is that cholesterol participates in a myriad of essential functions for our body to function properly.

Cholesterol is a complex molecule that has generally been associated with the worst cardiovascular risks , by the formation of atheromas or atherogenic plaques in the blood vessels. While this is true we must also take into account the biological importance it has in metabolism and therefore in our health. Cholesterol is the raw material for the formation of steroid hormones, such as estrogen and other testosterone. On the other hand it diminishes the fluidity to the cellular membrane, to give a certain solidity, without which many of the cellular functions would be seriously affected taking to its destruction. Bile salts, indispensable for the digestion, also of vitamin D, essential for the metabolism of the essential calcium for the bones, are formed from cholesterol


Cholesterol is an important part of the cell membrane . Thus, thanks to it we get that cells are isolated or not of certain substances. This membrane ensures that the cells are isolated, thus being able to perform the most important functions without being altered. Without cholesterol, the membrane would weaken, and so, little by little the cells would be affected even if they were destroyed.


We can also say that cholesterol is one of the essential components in bile salts . These salts are important for digestion, in addition to other components. Without it, fats will not absorb well.

The water and salt content of our body is also directly related to cholesterol . Taking into account the large amount of water that makes up our body, we can understand that cholesterol is essential so that we can be alive; and is that cholesterol forms hormones like corticosteroids (cortisol and aldosterone), or what is the same, the hormones in charge of regulating these levels in our body.

Our sex hormones are also related to cholesterol . Thus, hormones as important as progesterone, testosterone or estrogen can not be manufactured without a minimum amount of cholesterol in our body.

Vitamin D is created in the body when sunlight reaches the skin. If cholesterol is not present in the body, this will not happen.


Given this we can understand that although a high level of cholesterol is bad, having absolutely nothing in the blood can be of the most harmful to our health.

Even so, it is necessary to know that excess blood can also be harmful. If we accumulate a lot of cholesterol, in the end it can stick in the form of plaques to our arteries. This has quite bad consequences, narrowing arteries or even obstructing them completely, which results in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform annual analyzes to be able to see our cholesterol levels , since both an excess and a lack of it does not have clear symptoms until the problem is already of the most serious.

Fortunately, cholesterol problems can be regulated with a balanced diet . Also, if it were genetic problems, more difficult to control, there are medications that we can take to take care of this essential aspect in our body.




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