Keratin straightening at home

If you have come this far, it is because you already know the benefits of keratin straightening , I personally have tried a lot of treatments in houses and I have had some bad experiences with the Japanese straightening and some others. Since I could not always pay for a keratin treatment at a hairdresser, it happens as always, that the lack of money makes us want to learn more and that’s the Internet, so after trying a friend and giving good results I decided to try it myself same to do it at home. That yes I warn you that it is a delicate treatment and if we do not do it correctly can bring us side effects.

There are two kits for smoothing, one for dyed hair and one for natural hair, the kit I used was for sensitive hair, consisting of three simple steps, shampoo, keratin and neutralizer of 125ml each bottle and now you will see how simple it is process, the only thing is that it is better that in these subjects you deceive some friend to do it. The brand used was that of Kativa,

1- Wash the hair twice with a mild shampoo for normal hair, in the second wash leave the shampoo 10 minutes approximately so that it is absorbed correctly and then rinsed well.

2- Dry the hair completely removing the moisture completely, it is better to have the keratin in a bowl, and you have to use it with gloves, very carefully, separates the hair in half, it is better to use hair clips to go do it in the deeper layers and you have to be careful with the root because it can irritate us, we will also have to give a light massage with the help of the gloves so that it is distributed well. In each strand we will comb it well to break it and we pass the hands with the keratin until the ends until it is tight. The exposure time depends on how your hair is:

Dyed or waxed: 40 minutes.
Natural curly: 45 minutes.
Very curly natures: 1 hour
In any case you can make a test to be sure that it consists of picking up a lock and knotting it, if passing the comb undoes easily we still have to wait a little longer.

3- Dry the hair again and iron tuft by tuft with a minimum temperature of 200º, here you will notice the hair somewhat difficult to handle, as it is still the cream being absorbed, plates about 10 times each, it seems tedious but have patience you do it for results. If your hair is very greasy as it happened to me it is advisable to let the keratin act for 15 minutes and then put a warm towel to make it penetrate better.

4- Rinse the hair and dry it again with a towel, apply the sealant, and after acting for about 10 minutes rinse it with water only.

5- As a last step dry it with hair and voilá you will love what you see in the mirror

The hair is completely smooth, without any frizz, smooth from the root to the tips, until the color looks different with the sheen that leaves you, could not stop looking at me in the mirror.


What is the difference between professional keratin hair straightening and home hair straightening?

The professional holds between 4 and 6 months, and at home between 30 and 45 days. But we have to keep in mind that the price in a beauty salon, can be about five times more.

Little tips to finish:
– Use a shampoo without sodium sulfate.

– If you are going to dye your hair again, you should first apply the dye and then another keratin treatment.

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