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Keratin treatment without formaldehyde

We already advance in previous articles when we explained the benefits of keratin  that it was always advisable to do it with a solution that does not have formaldehyde . There are many different treatments and we will talk about them in this article, as not all serve to straighten the hair, the main function is to leave it shiny, healthy and volume, growing demand for this product for hair as it turns out to be in these modern times, the best quality and price has.

One of the substances that is most commonly mixed with keratin and for which we write this article to warn and report the risks involved, is formaldehyde, if not used in an appropriate minimum amount, may be carcinogenic . So be very careful with sites that seem dubious confidence to get those cheap beauty treatments, because we may pay very expensive.

So why is formaldehyde used with keratin?

It has a very useful property, that is to conserve tissues, stops their decomposition, which is a good brake to the passage of age in the hair for example. In some countries like Ireland or Norway, treatments with this substance have been banned, and in the United States it is performed by professionals with mask and gloves to avoid inhalation.

Many countries have not ban the product but many professional use minimum safety measures of mask and gloves, if inhaled can cause important respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, laryngitis and allergies to name a few.

In the early years in which these smoothing was done, the mucous membranes became irritated and the eyes would run water , in more extreme cases chemical burns occurred on the scalp.

In any case the treatment of keratin without formaldehyde is also very effective and without the aforementioned risks, always check the composition of the product if you are going to do it at home, look for well-known brands that have passed better quality controls and in case of going Ask a professional and ask beforehand.

What other types of keratin treatment are there?

Keratin is currently extracted for the most part from sheep’s wool, and is processed in a way that is completely safe for health.

  • The classic treatment: It is the one that has formaldehyde, the first that were created.
  • The treatment of Brazilian keratin: It uses other components to replace the formaldehyde, it is gradually reduced and in two or three months the results disappear. It is usually the professional studies.
  • The home treatment : We explain here how to do a keratin straightening at home , is the cheapest and gives good results, although it usually has little duration. They often replace formaldehyde with glutaraldehyde, which binds and connects hair, is not carcinogenic but can also irritate skin, eyes and lungs.


Keratin straightening at home

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