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What is Liquid keratin?

Liquid keratin is an alternative product for home treatments of smoothing, with a slightly higher cost. This product is composed of pure keratin from New Zealand pure wool and is isolated from other components. Thanks to their molecular weight, these proteins create coherent films on the surface of the cuticle and penetrates the hair cortex.

In summary it can be said that liquid keratin is used to repair the hair and give it manageability and shine.

Properties of liquid keratin


Here are some properties that have this type of treatment:

The liquid keratin treatment is a treatment that has revolutionized and is patented.With this it is achieved that the hair that is curled is more manageable and becomes straight.Hair that is rebellious and is treated with the pure protein of natural keratin can last up to 30-60 days when applied well.

It has been shown in several studies that hair that is treated with liquid keratin lasts longer, is brighter, smoother and has less frizz.

Restores and nourishes damaged hair as well as repairing open ends.

Liquid keratin, unlike other hair treatments, does not contain chemical compounds like formaldehyde. A clear example is the Japanese smoothing .

The treatment is applied by means of spray.The results are very surprising.You get a smoother, healthier and stronger hair.In addition the hair acquires more body instantly.

This is a quick application treatment and the hair is easy to comb.

You can have soft and very sexy curls.In addition, straight hair without frizz and with ease of combing.In short, perfect hair.

For sale are different products of various brands of liquid keratin, all may be a good choice. The most popular brands are Anian, Nelly or Deliplus Stylus. You should know what is the best option for you and your hair before buying any, as it could damage it. If you have questions, consult your trusted stylist or anyone who has knowledge of this. You can also ask another person who has used it to know your opinion and to know what the result was. The best opinion may be the one of your best friend.

Treatment of liquid keratin

Liquid keratin treatment is a procedure that is based on a Brazilian method called Progressive Brush. This method uses some chemicals that break the disulfide bonds found in the hair. This makes smoothing results more durable. In addition, it is known that these chemicals can be harmful to health. They claim that liquid keratin is completely safe.

Treatment for alopecia with liquid keratin

Although keratin is not routinely used to treat hair loss. A lot of people claim that when they use it, they notice that the hair falls off in lesser quantity. Remember that Keratin only repairs the root of the hair, it does not act on it. This feeling of decreased hair loss is due to the fact that before using keratin, hair loss is done naturally and due to poor hair condition. As keratin strengthens the structure of the hair, it repairs it, becomes stronger and therefore, does not fall.

Process of application of liquid keratin

This is a short version of the long process of smoothing keratin that is done in hairdressers. Its principles are the same as the keratin treatment. In summary and how it is done in the home treatment of keratin. The hair should be washed, then dried and the liquid keratin applied. It is then allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes. The dryer is used to remove moisture and finally the hair is smoothed with an iron.

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