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How does personality influence consumer behavior?

Personality plays a fundamental role in the behavior of consumers as it is one of the main factors that drive them to choose one brand or another.

How much does the personality influence consumer behavior? Some theories point out that people tend to acquire a product to highlight or hide some particular aspect of themselves. That is, they choose certain products because they consider that they go hand in hand with their way of being, or prefer others because it gives them the feeling of being closer to the ‘desired self’. In this sense, the purchase decision is based on a desire or an aspiration. These factors are indisputably tied to the personality.

Sigmund Freud, considered the ‘father of psychoanalysis’, popularized two concepts that have gained much force in studies on personality: conscious mind and unconscious mind. The first refers to what we can perceive at a given moment, such as memories, thoughts and he fantasies; within the second is all that we are not aware of, such as traumas, instincts, impulses, among others. For Freud, in this unconscious our main motivations originate, whether to acquire something, to establish a relationship, to try a meal, etc.

If we take this principle into account, we can say that the consumer acts on the basis of these unconscious impulses. These, in addition, mold important traits in the personality.

How to use the personality traits of consumers in a marketing strategy?

The personality of the consumers is a factor that must be taken into account in the elaboration of the marketing plan. Through this information, the brands can realize a more precise segmentation of the market.

To achieve a better ranking, companies must associate personality types to a range of products, rather than to a particular brand or product.

On the other hand, having full knowledge of their consumers, their habits and personality traits, helps brands generate a much more effective communication strategy.

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