Soap with ph 5.5

The pH of the skin is acidic, usually between 3.5 to 5.5; range in which they inhabit approximately 1.5 million microorganisms per square centimeter, which feed on the dirt to which the epidermis is exposed every day. These microorganisms fulfill a beneficial function for the skin, since they secrete bactericidal substances that hinder the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms. When there is a change in the pH of the skin, whether alkaline or acid, caused by the soap we use, it can cause irritation or alteration of the bacterial flora that inhabits it, thus facilitating the colonization of pathogenic microorganisms. We did an article on fishy fishy smelling penis and smelly balls where we discussed how soap with wrong ph can increase body odors after bathing even though it soul purpose is to make you smell fresh.

The soap with a pH greater than 8 saturation buffer capacity of the skin (property of keeping the pH stable), with the risk of modifying its pH up to 3 units, while neutral pH soaps can do it in less than 1 unit, so it is recommended to use soaps with pH between 7 and 8, hence the importance of selecting a soap that maintains the balance of the natural pH of our skin.

One of the most important advantages of the use of handmade soaps is that they are obtained from saponified vegetable fats, which are alkaline in nature. That is to say, all the soaps in the elaboration of which vegetable oil and soda have been used, give as a result a detergent salt together with a moisturizing glycerin obtained during the saponification, which is not extracted from the final product, but acts as a skin protector by decreasing the percentage of soap that comes into contact with the skin surface.

Handmade soaps are considered as cosmetics because of their detergent effect, because they reduce the surface tension of the water, allowing the agglomeration and increase of the dirt, keeping it in suspension to facilitate its undo during washing.

The soap is alkaline by nature, and contrary to what some industrial soap dispensers propose, it is impossible to get a soap with a neutral pH without adding chemical agents to get it. On the other hand, if pH regulators (citric or lactic acid) are added, to reduce the alkalinity of the soap, the reaction would not give rise to create it.

Because of the above, it is essential to invest intelligently in the soap that we use for our skin, not only to maintain the proper balance of its pH, but also to prevent the premature aging of it. Here is a list of soap with ph 5.5 sold on Amazon.

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