14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook

The advantages and disadvantages of facebook can vary depending on whether it is personal, educational or at the corporate level. A good use can bring you great competitive advantages, but if its use is not correct it can lead to inconveniences and dangers for the user.

Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world – specifically 1.5 billion – which translates into one-sixth of the total population .


Its function is to keep us connected, besides allowing us to publish news, information or photos. At first sight it seems all idyllic, but I’m sorry to say that this can also lead to several problems.

In this article I will reveal the result of creating a facebook account and how it can benefit or hurt you.

Advantages of using Facebook

1- Exchange of information

The first of its advantages is the most obvious. Generally speaking, Facebook was born with the idea of ??exchanging information of all kinds between us, whether reflections, thoughts, photographs or videos.

2-  Personal compilation

Although you may not have noticed, the invention of Mark Zuckerberg works as a kind of album / personal diary. Just go into the option of “photographs” to observe your whole life in snapshots.

Also the option of “videos” was introduced (during the last months the option to emit live has taken force), something that is being established like a powerful alternative to the photographs.

And if you feel like it, thanks to the download option you can save them forever in your device. All very convenient.

3- Discover the person you were looking for

Have you ever been unable to find an old friend or classmate with whom you lost contact through Facebook? Taking into account this social network has 1,500 million users, there is a high probability of finding the person you are looking for or want to find you again.

Every day several stories of this nature appear on the net, and if not, take a look at this news in which a woman found the wedding ring of a man who lost it on the beach just after marriage. Thanks to the social network, he was able to contact him and return it after more than 37 years.

By way of advice, the “find friends” or “recommended” functions will enhance your reunion tasks.

4- Promotion of business

Businesses can also sponsor themselves on Facebook. From local businesses to large media or companies, through personal blogs. All of them have had, or have, the opportunity to grow thanks to a system of attracting followers that you can easily reach.

Although that yes, this brings with it a small problem that I will explain later in the section of disadvantages.

5- Chat

Another of the strengths of the social network par excellence. The chat allows us to initiate conversations with just a click with anyone from our friends list. This option is joined by a variety of options such as options for sending audio or making video calls.

If you want to use it more fun, I recommend that you enter the gifs you have recently added.

6- Entertainment

One of the main functions of Facebook, along with keeping us connected, is to entertain.

When you open the web or the application itself, you will be able to access many topics. You will find content of all kinds, whether it be about sports, cinema, music, history, science, etc … Possibilities you will not miss!

You will simply have to click on the appropriate accounts so as not to get bored.

7- More powerful communication medium

Although ironic, this platform created in 2004 is perhaps the most powerful medium of communication in the world.

It gathers the great majority of the newspapers, televisions, radios, webs and different portals that you can know. Many people prefer to opt for facebook to find out what is happening in the world before any general medium that has their personal website.

Disadvantages of using Facebook

8- Limitations in publications

I already commented that the business promotion was quite latent, but the problem lies in the limitations that are imposed. An example of this would be that if you own a page where you have 10 000 followers, the publications will be limited to 100.

The only way to remedy this is by making payments to the entity.

9- It damages your professional life

It would not be the first time denying a job because of Facebook. When conducting a job interview, the boss or employee of human resources, enters your facebook profile or any other social network and observe your activities. If you do not like what you see, your options of getting a place in the company are reduced.

10- Invasion of privacy

When you register on Facebook you are told that you must fill in a number of terms and conditions in which, in addition to giving free way to expose yourself publicly, you have to provide your mobile phone, place where you studied, interests, and a lot etcetera.

11- It is addictive

The revolution of mobile telephony through smartphones has brought with it a disconnection from the real world . It is common to see people fix their eyes on the phone for long hours and even more when Facebook is in between.

It is common to see groups of people who have been to chat for a while, and instead, instead of talking, devote their time to review notifications and latest news of the application.

12- Scams

Scams on Facebook are some of the most common. Pages that promote an article at incredibly low prices or that raffle mobile phones like pipes.

If you follow any of these pages, do not fall into the game and try to avoid them, since they are authentic frauds.

13- Impersonations of identity

Fortunately, this is an aspect that is getting much better. Most probably you know someone who has copied the account and has begun to send requests for friendship to their acquaintances.

This is a danger, especially for the person to whom the profile has been removed, as it can lead to damage of their image. It is interesting to know that in countries like Spain this is a crime punished.

14- Coexistence with disrespect

This is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. It is not uncommon to see (especially on large pages with followers) insults and scorns of all kinds, most of which are unfounded.

This encourages disrespect and discomfort among the community, creating a truly toxic and uncomfortable environment for users.

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