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Difference between save and save as

” Save ” and ” Save As ” allow us to keep the changes we make to the file. Here it is important to clarify something: the two do not have the same function.

“Save” stores the file with the name that we have put it. If it has no name, it sends us to the “Save as” box. If it does, it will appear that nothing is happening, or at most a progress bar will go somewhere indicating that the file is being saved.

“Save As” opens the “Save As” box. If the file has no name, we will put it. If you already have and accept, we will leave another box saying that the file already exists and if we want to replace it. If we accept, it will be as if we had selected “Save” but giving more return.

“Save as” we should only use it when we want to change the name of the file, as to make a copy of it and modify it without losing the original.


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