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Difference between fracture, sprain and dislocation

Several lesions affect the skeletal system, so it is essential to understand the difference between fracture, sprain and dislocation, the most common problems.

When a bone breaks, we have a case of fracture
When a bone breaks, we have a case of fracture

There are several injuries that affect our skeletal system . Among the most common are bone breaks , dislocations of these structures and rupture of the ligaments of the joints . We’ll talk a bit more about them later.


Fractures are the most common lesions in bones. They are characterized by the loss of bone continuity , which is the result of the application of an excessive force on this structure. This excessive force can be caused by a fall or even crushing.

Sometimes the bone breaks down partially, causing an incomplete fracture . When the bone completely breaks, a complete fracture occurs Complete fractures may still have deviation or not. Fractures with deviation have greater severity.

The fractures can be classified still in closed and exposed. The closed fractures are those where you can not see the bone breaking the skin, which remains intact. In cases of closed fracture, it is common the presence of pain, difficulty of movement of the affected place, as well as swelling and purging of the local skin. In the case of exposed fractures, the bone leaves the external environment, breaking the skin. The latter category deserves attention because of the risks of contamination.

In the exposed fracture, it is possible to observe the bone breaking the skin. In the closed, this is not verified


Sprains are injuries that reach the ligaments , portions of fibrous tissue that guarantee the union of the bones in a joint . When the ligaments stretch beyond their capacity, stretching occurs, which can sometimes result in ligament rupture. One of the causes of this problem is the practice of exercises without proper warming and fitness. Sprains can cause great local pain, swelling and redness. The sites most affected by sprains are the ankle, shoulders and knee.

Sprains are caused by stretches in the ligaments

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Sometimes our bones come out of their normal position and become displaced. These cases are called dislocations and can be dangerous because they can affect blood vessels, nerves, and other structures. The dislocations cause pain, deformities and reduction of joint movements. Usually a dislocation occurs due to trauma or very violent movements. This injury is common on the shoulders, elbows and jaws.

The dislocation is nothing more than the displacement of the bone
The dislocation is nothing more than the displacement of the bone

What to do in case of fracture, sprain or dislocation?

In the event of fractures, sprains or dislocations, it is imperative that the person remain calm and seek medical help. It is important to keep the site stationary, since moving in either case can cause even greater damage.

It is also worth noting that the use of any medicine without medical advice should be avoided. It is only advisable to carry cold compresses in the affected place or to use ice pack on the place. In the case of exposed fractures, it is recommended that the place be covered with a clean cloth or gauze and that expert help be sought immediately.

difference between sprain and fracture

The difference between sprain and fracture

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