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What is the difference light and skim ?

In the market there is a lot of food with different characteristics like light or skim and it is very likely that you do not understand what the difference. Today we tell you!

What is a light food?

A light food is one that presents a percentage of energy 30% lower than the same food in its original version.

The reduction is done by reducing or substituting some of the components and instead sweeteners or fat substitutes would be used.

An example of light food that we can find is marmalade or margarines.

What is a skim food?

A skimmed or defatted food is one that has reduced fat to less than 1% of the total fat in the food.

If we follow the example of milk, it is classified into 3 types depending on their fat content. Whole milk has a percentage of fat higher than 3.5% as opposed to semi-skimmed milk containing between 1.5% and 1.8% fat. While the skim milk is virtually eliminated all the fat remaining at less than 0.5% fat.

To consider…

You should keep in mind that there are other ways to reduce the caloric intake of the diet and that weight gain is not only produced by the choice of a type of food. This is a consequence of an imbalance between consumption and calorie expenditure.

In addition, the labeling does not show nutritional information of the reference food, which prevents you from comparing. Therefore, even if light or skimmed, try to take into account the entire composition that appears on the label when choosing them.

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