What is the difference between Process and Procedure?

If you talk about processes or procedures you think about the steps to follow to get something. While this is true, the terms process and procedure should not be exchanged and used interchangeably. This is especially true in the areas of administration and law, which are domains where the meanings of these words and their uses are totally different. Process refers to the action of following a series of steps to follow to achieve something. Instead a procedure is a sequence of established and fixed steps. These steps should be detailed and immutable.

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Definition They are all those stages that must be followed to achieve a purpose. Processes can change as the project progresses and changes. It can be said that a process is dynamic. A procedure instead is a sequence of fixed steps. These steps have a specific purpose, therefore, they can not and should not be changed.
Etymology The word process comes from the Latinprocessus that means development, advance or march. On the other hand, procedure also has Latin roots; I proceed . Its meaning is “action of advancing following a series of steps”.
Example A process almost always follows a procedure. For example, if you want to make a cake, the procedure involves going to buy the ingredients, prepare the mixture, bake it, decorate it, serve it until you eat it. As for a procedure, this can be part of a process, although this is not mandatory.Following the above example, the procedure for making a cake would be all the steps of the preparation of the mixture.
In Law Within the scope of law, a process is the same as a trial. Instead a procedure in law are all the steps, formalities and other necessary to carry out a trial.
Within the administration It is the constant stream of activities interrelated with the aim of achieving a common goal. Usually this goal is to optimize the resources of a company or organization in the best possible way. When it is carried out correctly it can be said that the social and lucrative needs of the organization in question have been satisfied. On the other hand, an administrative procedure is a pillar of administrative law. An administrative procedure is the one in charge of assuring to the members of a society that the administrative procedures carried out within a public body will be carried out according to the established before the law.

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Definitions and Differences

As for the term process, this by definition means moving forward, moving forward. A process is all the necessary steps to follow for a project to evolve. It is also defined, according to ISO 9001, as a group of related activities or tasks that are part of a puzzle, where the end of each process is the beginning of a new one. It is considered that the processes can be flexible, because they can be adjusted according to the needs of the one who applies it. A process, moreover, may follow one or more procedures as part of its methodology.

On the other hand, a procedure is the series of steps that are carried out methodically to achieve something. A procedure must be followed to the letter, otherwise it will no longer be called “procedure”. Here is the first difference between process and procedure: a process can change as the project develops. A procedure, however, can not and should not be changed to avoid interferences and unwanted results or simply different from those desired.

In administration and finance

Within administration, both terms have different meanings. And not only that; in addition, they are not even related to each other, unlike concepts in the legal field.

An administrative process is all those steps that follow a guideline and are established within an organization (such as a company). These steps are elaborated in order to maximize efficiency and enhance the use of administrative, personal, technical, etc. resources.

On the other hand and administratively speaking, a procedure is one of the main axes of administrative law. Through an administrative procedure, the citizens of a society can assure the legitimacy of the administrative procedures that any public organ carries out. That is, a procedure is the way in which citizens can make sure that any procedure is carried out with strict adherence to the law.

In right

In this area the terms process and procedure can not and should not be used interchangeably. Both terms are closely linked, so it is not difficult to imagine that there could be confusion. However, it is good to remember that each has a very different meaning from the other and a confusion could involve important problems or misunderstandings.

A process in the legal field is an encompassing of all regulated activities that resolve on a legal relationship. In a nutshell a process is a trial.

A procedure, on the other hand, is the set of actions carried out by a legal authority with the purpose of giving it form and constituting a criminal file, which will dictate the way of acting, of proceeding and the steps to be followed. That is, they are the necessary steps that must be fulfilled prior to a trial.

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