Difference between spanish and mexican life

Far from wanting to reach inept conclusions of which country is better, I will list a list of situations or things necessary to know that you find yourself in your daily life in these two places, useful information for young people, differences in daily life, something that Anyone who visits a destination for the first time will like to know. If you are thinking of knowing Spain by Ibiza or Mexico by Playa del Carmen, this is not your list, since in the typical tourist destinations the place adapts to the visitor and not the opposite.

  1. Hours:  In general Mexicans are more early people than the Spanish. On the contrary in Spain it is more late. From the opening hours of shops to the time that children enter school, for example, in high school in Mexico a student can start their classes at 7.00 am. Spain extends the night like no one, dinner time may well start at 22.00 and can be lengthened much more if it is a summer night.
  2. Distances:  Spain is a small country in geographical dimension compared to Mexico, so it is normal that a trip of 5 hours is considered a long trip, while in the Aztec country that would be a normal trip. If we extrapolate to the big cities happens the same, someone who has to travel 40 minutes by metro in DF is a lucky because it is close to its destination, while in Madrid is to cross the city.
  3. Public transport:  In general the public transport of Spain (urban buses, metro, tram) is good. Understand how good the bus models are this decade, they usually meet their schedules, but the price is high for the short distances they travel. Meanwhile, in Mexico the quality is a bit lower but the price is also (0.25 € a metro ticket). Taxis are something normal in the daily life of a Mexican, for its price and its great offer that goes from taxis, to Uber, Cabify, etc.
  4. Drinks:  In Spain find good and cheap wine is normal, in Mexico the same applies with tequila and mezcal. Not only alcoholic beverages are lived, in Latin America in general are consumed many natural juices, processed, soda and flavor waters. In Mexico you will always have some sweet drink in the food, while in Spain we are more of natural water.
  5. Party: We go to the important thing, everyone goes out to party but the customs are different. House parties are a normal thing in Mexico because people usually live in large houses and not in flats, also for safety reasons. In Spain the party is done outside, even the bottle (pre copeo) is also done in the street. The schedules are different for this, I think that is because in summer in Spain it gets dark very late, everything goes on, including the party that starts from 1.00 – 2.00 am. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic the party can start at 11.00 pm, they also change, as is normal, the time to finish it. In Spain it is more and more normal for both girls and boys to pay entry to a place, in Mexico the vast majority is free for women. The drink once you’re partying,
  6. Link:  In general traits I will put things that serve you in this subject, but each one has his technique. Mexico is a country where the man conquers the woman, you have to make her feel special, to be chivalrous, which ranges from opening the door of the car to paying the bill. Let’s say that a conquest there may take you longer. In Spain the people in general are more direct, so if you are interested in a girl (speaking from the male perspective) it is not necessary so much assembly for something to happen. Having a roll of one night be a man or a woman will be easier in Spain, so in general you see more single people in the Iberian Peninsula.
  7. 24 hours and home service:  This is a topic that I’m passionate about, so I’ve created a special section. In Mexico you will find supermarkets and stores open 24 hours, you will have one in each corner. Nothing or almost nothing closes on Sunday, you can develop a normal life that day of the week from going to the bakery, to the supermarket, to the hairdresser, etc. And you can subsist without leaving your home with only a phone to order all kinds of food, drink and even products of pharmacy at home. In Spain almost everything closes on Sunday and finding a supermarket open past 9.00 is strange.
  8. Trash and recycling:  This is an important issue for me, in Spain there is a culture of recycling much more rooted in the population and that is note because in Spanish homes is usually recycled, in the streets there are specific containers to separate waste and Trash truck happens every day. In Mexico it is almost not recycled and depends on the area garbage will be collected a few days or others.
  9. Home:  If each person is a world, each family is a universe. In general, family life is normal and similar in both countries, but that depends more on the family than on the country. In Mexico it is very normal to have domestic help, people who help in cleaning the house, in the garden, in the care of children or even in some cities is relatively normal to have a driver. In Spain it is not so much.
  10. Security:  In this section I want to warn but not inculcate fear. It is known that safety is unstable in Mexico, but it happens like everywhere in the world, there are areas and places for everything, where you will be perfectly and where it is best not to put a foot. Mexico receives large numbers of tourists, so they are a great source of income for the country, are well treated and cared for and do not usually have any problems in general, beyond what can happen in another place. But it is true that it is necessary to follow some recommendations:
    Avoid taking taxis at night alone and much more alone, returning home at 4am walking is not an option. Do not answer the phone to anyone, do not give your personal information or location easily. Do not drink tap water, this is because of your intestinal safety. Make a list of places or neighborhoods to avoid in the city you visit. Do not go out on the street with a lot of cash. Spain is safe, in general beyond that a pickpocket removes the portfolio in the meter, nothing happens. Try, as in Mexico, not carry too much cash as a prevention and avoid taxis as they usually defraud tourists by making longer routes.

Time difference between Mexico and Spain