Progesterone cream benefits

Progesterone plays an essential role at all ages in a woman’s life. The application of natural progesterone supplement, biologically identical to that produced by the body, has many beneficial effects, especially around menopause. And this is also important for the health of man. …


Natural progesterone, extracted from the diosgenin present in wild yam by enzymatic modification, is often proposed as a very effective remedy to combat painful rules and to relieve women suffering from premenstrual syndrome. But its effects are far from being limited to this delicate period of a woman’s life.


Progesterone cream corrects the hormonal imbalances of perimenopause


In fact, natural progesterone, in the form of a cream, can easily replace this first hormone that decreases naturally as menopause approaches, and sometimes even much earlier.

Natural progesterone cream can therefore safely correct the peri or postmenopausal hormonal imbalances in their origin and thus improve practically all the inherent symptoms (swellings of the breasts and abdomen, night sweats, hot flashes, loss of well-being, depression … ). Thus, women with menopause can alleviate climacteric symptoms as multiple studies have shown by significantly reducing the number and intensity of hot flashes in more than three-quarters of participants 1 .

This allows, in synergy with plant extracts specifically selected ( Vitex agnus castus, Phlomus umbrosa, Cynanchum wilfordii, Angelica gigas nakai, Norway spruce, hops ) to balance hormonal fluctuations – restoring the estrogen / progesterone ratio – lasting and without side effects the symptoms that accompany the menopause.


Progesterone Helps Prevent Osteoporosis


In a study 2 conducted by Dr. JR Lee, who treated women with a mean age of 65 years using a natural progesterone cream application for three years, bone density actually increased by 15.4% . During this period, a decrease in density of 4.5% should have been observed in the same untreated women.

Subsequent to this study, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved the funding of a randomized, double-blind study of the use of a natural progesterone cream in the prevention of osteoporosis. The women were monitored one to five years after menopause, a period during which bone loss is faster. Within a year, the positive effects of natural progesterone were so evident that the study has lost its “blind” character. No woman in the group taking natural progesterone experienced a decrease in bone density, while all women in the placebo group lost bone density.

Thus, natural progesterone stimulates the formation of new bone cells essential for preventing and reversing osteoporosis and this also seems to increase levels of IGF-1 that favors bone formation 3 .


This is a global anti-aging aid for women …



… At the cardiovascular level Progesterone, because of its ability to increase the loss of sodium in the urine, has a slight diuretic effect. Studies that have examined this effect have shown its ability to alleviate fluid retention and even to lower blood pressure. This effect is observed only with natural progesterone. In addition, researchers have observed an endothelial disturbance, platelet activation and blood clot formation with synthetic progesterone but never with natural progesterone 4 .


As prevention of some cancers

Some data indicate that natural progesterone could be a protective agent as well as a potential adjuvant treatment for breast and endometrial cancers. While estrogens favor cell proliferation, causing the multiplication of cells in the breast and endometrium, progesterone does not act as well. In a study conducted by the University of the National Taiwan Hospital, researchers have shown that transdermal estradiol increases the proliferation of breast cells by 230% while transdermal progesterone decreases it by 400% 5 .


Equally useful in man


A man with good health naturally synthesizes 1.5 mg of progesterone daily through his adrenal glands. Over the years, as is the case with almost all steroid hormones, their production and levels decline. Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer are associated with an excess of estrogen. Progesterone inhibits the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogenic compounds capable of causing mutagenic modifications in prostate cells.

Progesterone maintains levels of dihodrotestosterone (DHT) in the blood and prostate at low levels competing with 5-alpha reductase and thus preventing a part of testosterone from being converted into the most potent of male hormones, DHT. The progesterone is then converted to 5-alpha dihydroprogesterone and testosterone remains testosterone. Excessive DHT levels may be responsible, in man, for baldness.

Finally, because progesterone serves as a substrate for the production of important hormones, such as cortisol, androstenedione and testosterone, deficiencies in progesterone are frequently accompanied by deficiencies in cortisol and androgens.


How to take advantage of its benefits?


Natural progesterone cream should be applied regularly twice a day to the neck, chest, behind the knees or on the inner side of the arms or thighs, changing application site every time. Premenopausal women can use it daily during the last two weeks of the cycle and women with menopause can alternate two weeks of use and two weeks of abstinence.


Devoid of side effects


Natural progesterone cream is synthesized from plant saponins, such as yams, especially rich in diosgenin, a precursor of progesterone. The natural progesterone of creams is bioidentical, with a molecular structure identical to that of the hormones that the body naturally manufactures.

The cream can be safely used transdermally with great effectiveness since its highly lipophilic (fat soluble) and low molecular weight molecules are readily absorbed through the skin. Some creams benefit from a liposomal penetration system. Liposomes are lipid microspheres that allow the active ingredients to be transported through the skin layers much more easily than the large molecules of traditional creams. As for the natural progesterone-based spirals, they release the doses exactly necessary for the restoration of desirable physiological levels.

Thus, natural progesterone is rapidly absorbed by subcutaneous fat and slowly put into circulation in the bloodstream without being intercepted by the liver. The serum level of progesterone returns to normal within a few weeks of use and subsequently stabilizes due to the organism’s hospitality towards this natural hormone. To adjust your dose, it is not necessary to consult a therapist, simply having an annual or semi-annual blood test.



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