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White flakes in urine of the male



Urine can tell a lot about the functionality of many inorganic structures. Under the influence of various pathological processes in the urine, protein compounds, erythrocyte or leukocyte cells, bile, acetone or glucose can be found. Such substances should not normally be in urine. White flakes in the urine, the appearance of turbidity or sediment – all this indicates the development of pathology.


The presence of flakes often indicates the appearance of protein in urine. Such a factor can be a symptom of dangerous diseases, therefore it requires conducting diagnostics in order to discover its root causes.

Causes of flakes

Usually, in healthy people, the urine is clear with a light yellow tinge. But sometimes the urine changes. To promote this can be many reasons like the products used. But such changes tend to pass on their own, after some time, and do not threaten health. For example, because of the large amount of beets or carrots, urine often acquires a reddish hue.

If a man consumes a lot of meat daily or drinks a lot of milk, then his urine will become turbid, but with the normalization of the diet, it will again become normal. If the body suffers from dehydration, then on the urine this factor is also reflected by turbidity and the appearance of sediment. Similar changes can occur and on the background of treatment with some medications. All these factors are physiological and are not dangerous for the organism.

If the diet of a man is quite normal and the drinking regime is also normal, then white flakes in the urine should be considered as a symptomatic manifestation of any pathological changes in the body. If, along with changes in the structure of urine, a man experiences painful symptoms during urination or his fever rises, then it is necessary to undergo an examination with the andrologist.

Pathological factors causing the appearance of flakes

The protein in the urine is considered the most common factor causing the appearance of cotton impurities. This phenomenon is often characteristic of urogenital pathologies such as urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, etc. In addition, the appearance of flakes with purulent filamentous inclusions is accompanied by almost all urino-genital inflammation, for which excessive leukocyte cells also are characteristic.

Analysis of urineCotton impurities in urine indicate the development of immunodeficiency, diabetes, prostatic diseases, etc. At times, cotton impurities appear due to a hypodynamic lifestyle or inadequate male activity. In addition, such a sign often appears due to malota zovy pathologies, developing against the background of promiscuous sexual relations, hypothermia, infectious processes, etc.

Flakes with balanoposthitis

If the cause of flakes is balanoposthitis (inflammation of the flesh and head of the penis), then the man, along with cotton impurities, are concerned about such manifestations as:

  • Discharge from the urethra, increased secretion of smegma;
  • Burning and rubbing in the head;
  • Swelling and redness;
  • The appearance of various skin lesions on the head like cracks, ulcers and other violations of the integrity of the skin.

Balanoposthitis develops mainly due to damage by microorganisms like staphylococci, streptococci, yeast fungi, fusospiriple symbiosis. In addition, diabetes can cause a pathology, an allergy, anemia, vitamin deficiency.

Treatment of balanoposthitis is carried out by treating the penis with antiseptic solutions, washing the head with soap after each urination, antibiotic therapy and immuno-strengthening therapy.

With prostatitis

Often, flakes appear in the urine against a background of prostatitis, often due to an inadequately mobile lifestyle, obesity, infection with urethritis, gonorrhea, etc. In addition, bacterial infections, hypothermia, genitourinary pathologies, injuries of low-tidal organs, etc., can also contribute to prostatitis.


In addition to flakes, prostatitis is characterized by fever, problems with urination like painful cuts, frequent desires and pain in the groin area. At the end of urination, along with the flakes, purulent filamentary impurities are secreted into the urine.

If the cause is urethritis

When the formation of white flakes in the urine is caused by inflammation of the urethra, the man is disturbed by manifestations such as itching discomfort in the process of urination, soreness in the pubic part, discharge from the urethra, adhesion of the urethral outlet, purulent impurities,

Urethritis in a man can develop under the influence of several factors: neglect of intimate hygiene, insufficient immunity, hypothermia, penis injuries, sexual infections, viruses, microorganisms like mycoplasma, trichomonas, chlamydia, etc. Similar urethral inflammations can occur with alcohol abuse, frequent stressful conditions, deficiency of vitamins and improper diet.

Treatment of urethritis is based on the application of several therapeutic principles such as antibiotic therapy, dietary nutrition, the use of drugs to improve immunity and vitamins, wash the urethra with furacilin solution, etc.

With pyelonephritis

Often, the causes of white flakes lie in pyelonephritis – inflammation of the kidneys of infectious origin, which arises from the penetration of bacterial pathogenic microflora. Development of pyelonephritis is facilitated by various structural abnormalities of the urinary system, prostatic pathologies, diabetes, urolithiasis, spinal cord injuries, etc.

In addition to cereal in urine, pyelonephritis is accompanied by such symptoms:

  1. A febrile condition with chills;
  2. Weakness, hyper-fatigue;
  3. Nausea and vomiting;
  4. Puffiness;
  5. Aching tenderness in the site of the affected kidney;
  6. Frequent urges;
  7. Signs of dehydration.

Sometimes, in addition to flakes, in the urine of a patient with pyelonephritis, it is possible to detect impurities of blood, and its smell acquires a fishy shade. Urination itself causes the patient a lot of uncomfortable sensations from unpleasant burning to sharp cuts.

Methods of treatment

Getting rid of flakes depends on the cause of this symptom. If the appearance of flakes is not related to the drinking regime and diet, then the man needs to be examined and undergo an extensive laboratory test of urine. Only after the definition of a specific root cause begin treatment.

Do not try to get rid of this problem by domestic means. This approach is dangerous for the further progression of pathology and the development of unforeseeable and even irreversible consequences. Therefore, there is no need to panic if cotton manifestations are not eliminated after a change of diet, it is better to visit a urologist.

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