Advantages and disadvantages of water resistant cell phones

Just a short time ago, one of the greatest fears of any mobile phone user was that it would be damaged by humidity . With waterproof cell phones that danger was conjured. It is no longer necessary to keep it on the beach, or in the rain.

However, not everything is rosy.Water resistant cell phones also have their disadvantages . To give you a realistic idea, we will tell you about the advantages and limitations of these powerful smartphones.

Advantages of water resistant cell phones

The advantages of having water resistant cell phones are many. The most obvious, of course, is the fact that this type of equipment does not break down when it comes into contact with humidity . In fact, they are submersible, so they can be inside a liquid medium without being damaged.

But in addition to this, they also have other virtues. These are the main ones:

  • Versatility. We are so dependent on mobile phones that we literally use them even in the bathroom. With water resistant cell phones, you do not have to worry if you’re taking a shower, or in the middle of a pool.You can use it without any problem.
  • Stability. For nobody is a secret that the climate is a little crazy, with that of climate change, the greenhouse effect, etc. That’s why you never know when it’s going to rain. But with a waterproof cell phone that’s no problem. It does not matter that the storm collapsed just when the device rang.
  • Great benefits Now you do not have to stay with the underwater images only in the memory. Water resistant cell phones allow you to take pictures under the waves. Thus the memories will not be solely in your memory.
  • Security. It may have happened to you: you are at a meal with family or friends and you have a cell phone on the table. Unintentionally, someone stumbles, or spills some liquid and just goes on top of your mobile. If it’s not water resistant, that’s it. If it is, the thing does not happen to be a small accident.

Disadvantages of water resistant cell phones

Everything in life has its pros and cons. And water resistant cell phones are no exception. These are some of those disadvantages that you should also keep in mind.

  • Difficult to open. For obvious reasons, water-resistant cell phones are more hermetic. Changing the battery or replacing any of the components is not as simple as in conventional Smartphone. You will have to pay a technician to do it.
  • The impermeability is not perfect.Make no mistake: these types of phones are still in the process of development. So you can not expect them to be 100% resistant infallible.If the exposure time to humidity exceeds certain limits, the impermeability will fail. The same happens if you use it at a high depth.
  • Low offer Actually, there is not a wide range of offers of water resistant cell phones. In fact, only Samsung and Sony have developed smartphones with this attribute. In other brands you can only find partially water resistant cell phones.That’s why you really do not have much to choose from.

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