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Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic Tile

Having a home of ours is a dream come true. However, it will require a lot of you to keep it well decorated and in the best conditions.

A very important aspect of home decoration and that may possibly be able to become more expensive, especially if it has to be replaced, is the flooring . However, in the market there is a huge variety of different types of flooring for all bags and like, among them ceramic flooring , known for its durability and affordable price.

The ceramic floor has been gaining popularity in the decoration of houses in recent years. They are available in a huge range of sizes and colors, as well as different qualities and prices.

Very economical, the ceramic floor is undoubtedly one of the most versatile floors, and can be used in any room of the house. Among the main reasons why people prefer ceramic flooring is also the fact that they are very easy to clean and maintain flawless.

As with any type of flooring, ceramic flooring also has its advantages and disadvantages. Get to know some of them:

Advantages of Ceramic Tile


There are numerous advantages that lead us to choose to use ceramic flooring in the decoration of our houses :

  • Durability – Ceramic flooring is much more durable than other types of floors. It is also very resistant to water and bacteria and is therefore a good option for those suffering from respiratory problems or allergies. Properly installed, the tile flooring will last for 20 years or even longer.
  • Variety of models – The ceramic floor can be found in several colors, from the most vibrant to the most sober tones. Some models of ceramic floors also have texture or imitate, including floors considered more noble, such as wood or marble. As this type of flooring is sold to the piece, it is possible to create elegant or more original patterns, depending on how the tiles are arranged on the floor.
  • Insulation – In warmer and drier climates, the ceramic floor helps to keep the room temperature cooler.
  • Price – Since the ceramic floor is more durable, its value is considered a good investment compared to other more expensive types of floor.
  • Installation – The installation itself is also cheaper and is also very simple to do. The surface must be clean and dry before the tile is laid on the floor and plastered. If you have the necessary knowledge you can even easily install this floor yourself, or hire a company and professionals specialized in your installation.
  • Easy maintenance – This type of floor has a very simple maintenance, in addition to being very easy to clean. To keep it beautiful and in the best conditions simply simply sweep the floor, then wipe it with a damp mop and some mild household detergent.


Disadvantages of ceramic flooring

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Insulation – Although ceramic flooring is ideal for warmer climates, since it gives coolness to the environment, in colder climates it can become too cold when in contact with the feet.
  • Slippery – When wet this type of flooring can lead to falls and fractures as it becomes very slippery. It is therefore advisable to be very dry before someone steps on it.
  • Delicate – During its installation the ceramic floor can be very delicate, and can even break with some ease, when all the necessary care is not taken for its correct placement on the floor.
  • Hard surface – Unlike other types of flooring, such as carpeted flooring , the ceramic floor has a very hard surface. In homes with small children it is advisable to use carpets in the areas of greater passage and jokes, so that there is a softer surface in case of falls.

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