What are the advantages and disadvantages of the crossfit

A highly demanding sport with excellent physical and mental results is CrossFit , which allows you to work your muscles completely in the exercises previously planned in WOD’s “workout of the day”

Outstanding advantages

  • Greater resistance: this sport gets you to increase your degree of resistance to improve the level of muscular and physiological fatigue. The muscles gradually get used to the pace marked in the WOD’s and maintain a high intensity of sports that allows a better physical performance.
  • Motivation: the personal improvement proposed by the CrossFit is an advantage that you must keep in mind, because endorphins are released practicing this sport and you will feel more stable at the mental level.
  • It favors the health: in people who present problems of muscular hypertrophy it has been observed improvement, as well as in other ailments because the training includes a mechanism that includes all the muscles. Women and men with overweight problems burn more calories, including 72 hours after doing the exercises.
  • Cardiorespiratory work : this activity, because it is of great impact, modifies the physiological system, producing in your organism more red blood cells that are in charge of carrying oxygen to the organs and muscles. The entire cardiorespiratory system is favored by each heartbeat, which allows a better circulation of the blood. The pulsations rise when you perform CrossFit and decrease when you lay down.


Possible Disadvantages

  • On training : some athletes are very demanding with themselves and exceed the limits of their body in training. In the case of noticing loss of appetite, headaches or insomnia, it is advisable to rest properly for approximately a week, to regain strength and recover before continuing.
  • Injuries : certain exercises can cause injuries in the joints, muscles or tendons, which can be avoided by practicing CrossFit with the recommendations of the trainers and reinforcing the spine to ensure a better development of the exercises.
  • WOD’s without guarantees : it is important to work in gyms that have the adaptation for this modality. The special materials that are needed in this training ensure a practice in perfect conditions.
  • Professionalism: a fundamental point that you can not forget when you decide for this activity, because you will need a basic guide planned by coaches specialized in this sport.
  • Dangerous physical wear: the poor execution of the WOD’s can cause damage to the spine and other parts of the body, when the weight is loaded improperly and movements or preheating is not performed.

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