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advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology

Whenever we want to exchange data, we will need a number of computers so that they can form a network and, together, form a communication channel to acquire all the information we need. This process is known as network topology and there are several models that present different characteristics and information exchange processes.

As we have said, if we need to create a network typology we can choose to use several types, such as bus, star, ring, tree … among others, but one of the most advantageous that are present is the so-called topology mesh, in addition to being one of the most effective to exchange all the data we need within a community.

The mesh typology is a type of network that consists in the interconnection of a large number of nodes . Each of these is linked directly with others, so all computers that are part of this network will always be connected to each other. For this reason, the flow of information is always constant and will reach all terminals. As with the other types of network, the mesh also has a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, the use of this typology is always much more beneficial and effective, although it may have some difficulty or obstacle to overcome as we will see below.


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If we decide to use the mesh typology as a means of communication for data exchange, we will be quite satisfied because the information flow is constantand always reaches its recipients. The reason is the arrangement presented by the nodes, since they are all connected to each other. One of the main advantages of this system is its reliability. Since all the computers are connected, we have the certainty that communication will always be uninterrupted, since there are different ways to perform the data exchange. In the event that one of the channels fails, all the others will continue to work, so the flow of information is unlimited. This fact makes the use of this type of network give enough security to users, since they know that the communicative process will always follow its course, so you will have access to information on a constant basis.

Having different connection paths failures that may occur in any of them do not usually cause major problems, in view of that as we have said, there are other established ways for the required information reaches its recipient . Therefore, this system is established as a very stable network in which, at all times, the connection continues. If one cable fails, the others will take over the information traffic, as each computer has its own individual ways of connecting with the other devices that are part of this process.

The mesh typology is, on the other hand, much cheaper than other options . The users and companies that opt ??for this type of network save, above all, in maintaining it. The reason for this is that by not having a central node, in the event that any of the servers had a problem, it would not be necessary to repair the network completely, but the device that had broken down at that time. In short, the mesh network typology presents a large number of advantages for users, which makes it very beneficial, effective and reliable at the time of making any data exchange.



Although this type of network is one of the most recommendable, as it happens with the others, it also has some disadvantages , although they are much smaller than we could imagine. The main disadvantage is that the cost of the network can be increased if it is used wirelessly, since in this case many more resources are needed to be an effective communication route.

Other disadvantages that can occur, although they are not usually very common, are the problems that the transmission medium can have , since depending on the type this can limit the lengths of the nodes; or that the maintenance costs are not so economical in the long term. In any case, even knowing these small disadvantages, there is no doubt that the mesh network typology is one of the best options we can use for data exchange, because the advantages that it presents are much more beneficial and satisfactory for users. .

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