Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owing An English Bulldog

The most important Rescue Network of America ( The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network ), on its website, declares: “Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost (intentionally), abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or rescued every year. Buyers are attracted by many charms of this breed and later discover the special care that their wrinkles require, their flattened faces, unusual structure and, in other cases, genetic defects of irresponsible breeding. “

The purchase of a dog, whatever its race, should not be a sentimental impulse but a thoughtful purchase. When the buyer is carried away by the charms of a puppy without knowing their potential problems or the demands of time, money and effort that will require during the following years, usually the most affected turns out to be the dog because it ends in the street , in a shelter or lifeless in a veterinarian’s iron.

The English Bulldog is not for all kinds of people, it has some advantages and many disadvantages that must be analyzed before buying a puppy. Below we list the main issues of each one:


  • It is a race that pelecha daily . For some it is annoying that their clothes, furniture and house in general present some dog hairs and, of course, the bulldog is not suitable for people suffering from allergies .
  • All bulldog dogs present respiratory problems in varying degrees , from mild and bearable to severe and requiring surgical correction. For this reason, many bulldogs do not support intense and prolonged exercise. So, it is not usually an ideal companion for active people who like to go jogging or take long walks with their pet.
  • Most specimens of this breed can not swim and require life jackets and be constantly monitored in pools, rivers, seas or pools of water.
  • It is not suitable as a watchdog because, the typical bulldog, is friendly with people.
  • You can not live without special attention in extreme climates or unprotected environments.
  • It is prone to “Heat stroke” , situation of hyperthermia in degree of emergency. Bulldog dogs get hot relatively quickly due to their ineffective breathing and during situations of extreme heat or intense exercise they need to drink water constantly and be helped to maintain their body temperature in optimal conditions, otherwise the dreaded heat stroke will occur.
  • They are little inclined to obedience, have a stubborn and independent character that hinders the learning process so that it does not reach the levels of obedience of work breeds. It is not suitable for people who do not like to ignore their orders most times or have to repeat the same order several times until they are moderately obeyed.
  • He snores very loudly .
  • Drool . Some copies do it occasionally and others more frequently.
  • Pants more than other races , especially in situations of heat, agitation, nervousness, anxiety, excitement and exercise.
  • It is prone to flatulence .
  • It is prone to a considerable number of diseases that can raise your maintenance cost and visits to the veterinarian.
  • It has a high purchase price.
  • If you do not have a good socialization in your first stages of life, you probably do not learn to live peacefully with other animals . Although to a lesser degree, he still retains genes from his ancestors who fought with dogs, bulls and other species.
  • Regurgitates eventually . The frequency of this is different in each example, there are some that do it very sporadically and others with relative frequency.
  • It requires frequent care and cleaning in wrinkles, eyes, ears and corners of the feet to avoid infections.
  • Some specimens of this breed are prone to food allergies that make special feeding necessary to avoid the manifestation of allergies (alopecia, pruritus, skin redness or erythema, peeling, etc.) and their consequent treatments.


  • He has a great attachment and affection towards the human of any age. In spite of its great inconveniences and propensity to diverse diseases, its good character and temperament have taken it to the first places of world-wide popularity between all type of mascots.
  • It is a quiet, little barking dog that adapts to any size of home .
  • During his puppy and youth stages he likes to play, he is very funny, he is always willing to live in any type of game, from the classic of collecting balls to throwing himself down a slide.
  • He has a surprising perception of his family’s feelings and acts accordingly. If you are happy you will be happy, if you are sad, he will try to accompany you in silence by lying down beside you. If you caress him, he will respond with another caress or a lick.
  • It is a very noble animal, sometimes tender, that is always willing to give the best of itself for you and for you (except in obedience).
  • It is a dog that never goes unnoticed, draws attention wherever you walk or visit.

Evaluation Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of The English Bulldog

If we only see the number of disadvantages and the few advantages that this race has, it is very likely that we will make the wrong decision. It is necessary to weigh the factors that most attract the attention of a pet and the physical, emotional, time and economic possibilities that we have to give a life of well-being to our future dog.

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