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Advantages of transparent orthodontic braces

If you have reached the age of 30 and still have not corrected your smile because you believe that orthodontic braces are teenagers, you need to know more about models of transparent dental appliances. With the increasing recommendation of use for adults, the industry has tried to develop solutions to give more comfort to an audience that does not want to have that metallic smile. Thinking of helping you, we have selected 5 advantages of transparent dental braces that will change your mind.

1 -Yes, it is possible to be almost imperceptible
The cosmetic orthodontic braces as they are known, were developed to meet a market need that needed to correct the alignment of the teeth in adults, who did not want to have a metallic smile. The Sapphire device is the one that comes closest to the transparency because it is translucent, that is, practically invisible.

2-Have the same functionalities of metallic

There are some models of transparent braces, but they all have the same functionalities as metal orthodontic appliances. In this way, regardless of your teeth alignment, you can opt for transparent devices. Your only task will be to choose the model that suits you best and fits in your pocket.

3-Are as resistant as conventional

When transparent orthodontic braces emerged they were made of polycarbonate, which are actually more fragile than metal appliances. Knowing this deficiency, the market has brought transparent orthodontic appliances made of porcelain or monocrystalline porcelain, which are more resistant and more beautiful aesthetically. The brackets made of monocrystalline porcelain, also known as sapphire, are translucent, that is, almost disappear when glued to the teethtransparent device2

4-remain transparent until the end of treatment

Yes, the porcelain and sapphire aesthetic appliances remain transparent until the end of treatment. But, do not forget that the device does not yellow, but if you choose a treatment with the famous “borrachinhas”, these do yellow, especially when there is consumption of foods with dyes, like soft drinks. So, in order to avoid the problem with “gutters”, talk to your dentist about the possibility of using a self-ligating, fixed aesthetic device that does not require the use of “gutters”.

Stay tuned

Although less used, the only model of fixed fixture that yellow is the one made of polycarbonate. So before opting for a fixed aesthetic brace, talk to the dentist about the features of each bracket.

5-Can be faster than conventional

Transparent self-ligating devices are available. This model, in addition to being more discreet, eliminates drunkenness. The main secret is in the shape of the brackets that hold the wire and in the making of the wire itself, which is thermo activated and does not require elastics. This aesthetic model also reduces visits to the dentist and facilitates the hygiene of teeth during treatment.

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