What are most dirty parts of your body

Surely you have asked this question sometime in your life and without a doubt the first thing you thought was that it was the year. Well I tell you that in my research and what you can read and ask;


There is a part of the body which we use even share with the people we love most in the world that is dirtier even than everything else …

Your Butthole 

When we are cleaning up, it is very important to be very careful to clean this part. In it we can find many dangerous bacteria capable of transmitting different diseases. Therefore, it is very important to wash our hands after going to the bathroom. Read how to keep your butt odorless and sweat free .

The Tongue

The second is nothing more and nothing less than tongue: According to research, the tongue is the organ that holds the bacteria for longer and that accumulate in our teeth for years, and if we add to this the times we use this organ for the necessary consumption of food and other activities that do not favor the non-propagation of bacteria to other parts of the body and even to another person. Undoubtedly, it can surprise anyone. Imagine if you could see the thousands and thousands of bacteria that you have in your mouth. We can certainly live with this because we are not able to see at a glance our bacteria lodged in our mouths.

 The Navel

The next I am sure that you may say that I am simply crazy, but THE NAVEL is the second part of the dirtiest body it has over 70 different types of bacteria living there , it turns out that this is one of the parts of the body that pay less attention to the time of grooming and not lie to yourself if you say that it is not and this is because its shape is inside our body what becomes an easy shelter for the storage of bacteria and that is to imagine … Sweat, bacteria from dead skin , soap and thousands of other things that I can mention. That’s why we call it number two on our list.


The number four are armpit , because the bad smell can betray us when we least expect it and as it is a part that the body naturally uses to perspire the hair and the thousands of bacteria that thanks to them and the humidity that accumulate there, gives him the position of number three.

The Intestine

The INTESTINE arrives at number five : including the colon, since there are millions of bacteria and more than 400 different species that can live in our intestines without any problem, but it is an organ that we do not touch and is not exposed, it is because that does not correspond to the position of number one but without a doubt is very dirty.


Your Head

The number six earned it THE HEAD : the scalp can be surprisingly dirty because there we can host more than a million microbes mostly called mites that can survive in our heads for a long time. It is recommended that if you do not want to have any of them in your head you would have to wash your hair every day, but not all of us do this, many of us are capable of harsh to more than 15 days with a dirty head.

These are the most recognized outwardly speaking that we can claim as the dirtiest parts of our body, now what we should do is maintain a more hygienic routine and we will not feel guilt for being a little careless with certain parts of the body.

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