Advantages, disadvantages of travel insurance

Every time we travel more and more distant destinations, which rises the risk of setbacks and complications. Therefore, it is essential to take out travel insurance for our holidays, to be covered and prevented from any problem.

– Keep in mind that the expenses that can arise in the event of a medical emergency, robbery or transfer can be very high if we do not have an adequate policy for our trip.

– Before any accident or medical accident, all are complications. Medical care in the country of destination can be very expensive, or so precarious that our health is at risk.And, if we want to be served in our country, we will have to pay several thousand pesos.

Hiring travel insurance gives us the peace of mind knowing that both medical coverage and travel, are fully guaranteed, making any complications that might arise easy.

– With travel insurance you will have the cancellation expenses covered, in case of cancellation of your trip. Your insurer will indemnify you with the amount assigned in your policy.


– One of the most unpleasant situations is to arrive at your destination and discover that some of your luggage has been stolen. Or that they have lost it! Your travel insurance will cover the expenses caused by this problem.

– If you are involved in an accident and the injured person is another, it will be good to have legal expenses and civil liability coverage. Make sure your travel insurance covers all possible causes for a complaint or claim against you.

– Hiring travel insurance can simplify procedures in case of accident, illness or need for repatriation, since it is the insurance company who is responsible for carrying them out and not you or your family. Many of the policies may also have coverage such as drug delivery, early return, transfer of family members.


– These insurances usually do not take care of the attention or incidents happened as a consequence of a preexisting illness unless it has a vital emergency character. Neither by pathological states produced by the ingestion of alcohol or other substances.

– Out of the coverage there are also the losses caused by the insured himself, such as the loss of luggage by himself or the theft, the cancellation by surgical interventions not urgent or by epidemics.

– Travel insurance does not cover expenses in the event that the transport company or service provider covers the problem of the trip, such as cancellation of a cruise or flight, or accommodation expenses due to delay, however , in some cases compensates economically to compensate the difference between the amount delivered by the service company and the actual expenses suffered.


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