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What is galvanized steel ?

Galvanized steel is a type of steel processed with a treatment at the end of which is covered with several layers of zinc . These layers of zinc protect the steel from oxidation . Galvanized steel is also a material with a more durable, scratch-resistant finish that is more attractive to many consumers. Galvanized steel is also used in the manufacture of many components for industrial use.

What are the advantages of galvanized steel ?

Zinc makes the piece of steel more resistantby protecting it in two ways. On the one hand zinc is very resistant to oxidation while iron, one of the main components of steel, oxidizes with some ease in contact with the oxygen in the air and much more with water and humidity. By creating a layer of zinc on the steel, oxygen is prevented from reaching the iron or at least the process is slowed down to a large extent. This protection is accentuated with the progressive formation of the patina , a layer of oxides and other zinc compounds. Zinc is also a very durable metal Scratch resistant and offers a satin appearance that can make the galvanized steel finish more attractive to many consumers. So here is a summary of the advantages of galvanized steel.

Long duration

The galvaniser guarantees microns according to the UNE-EN ISO 1461 standard. Dividing microns guaranteed by loss rate in microns / year gets years of guarantee.

Unnecessary maintenance

Galvanized steel constructions do not normally require any maintenance throughout their service life.


One of the best advantages is the reasonable initial cost of the galvanization together with the long duration of the galvanized coatings, result in this procedure being the most economical of all those known for the long-term protection of railroad constructions in the open.


Hot galvanizing is used to protect all kinds of steel parts and articles.


Hot dip galvanized coatings are one of the few steel protection systems that are perfectly specified by national and international standards.

Tenacity of the coating

The internal zinc-iron alloys are harder than the base steel, which gives the galvanized steel a high resistance to shock and abrasion.

Integral coating

When dealing with immersion in liquid zinc, the entire surface of the pieces will be coated both inside and outside.

Triple Protection

Galvanized coatings protect steel in three different ways:

– Because they constitute a hard metallic barrier, metallurgically linked to the base iron.

– Because they provide cathodic protection even to small areas that may be left bare (edges of cuts or drills, scratches, etc.)

– Because the oxidation products of zinc are compact, homogeneous, hard, impermeable and inert.

Easy to Solder

It is very practical to know the effect of the masking paints and the way to provide coating to the weld and zones without zinc.

Easy to paint, duplex system

The last but not least advantage is its easy to paint, painting galvanized steel is done either for decorative reasons of signaling, camouflage, etc., or to increase the duration of protection in very aggressive environments.

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