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Amorphous urates

Amorphous urates in urine

Abundant Amorphous Crystals in Urine.

The crystals of amorphous urates abundant in urine are a very frequent finding in the simple analysis. The function of the kidney is to filter and excrete substances present in the blood. They usually form when the concentration of uric acid in the urine is high and precipitates forming the crystals.

Why are amorphous Urates Crystals formed in urine?

Dehydration, which occurs when the intake of liquids by a person is not enough, increases the concentration of solutes in the urine. Uric acid can react and form crystals that are detected in the microscopic analysis of the urinary sediment. If a patient has high blood uric acid (hyperuricaemia), renal excretion and therefore concentration in the urine will produce amorphous urate crystals.

Analysis of urinary sediment in which amorphous urate crystals are observed.

Who has Amorphous Urates Crystals in the urine?

They are frequent in children and young people who play sports and do not comply with proper hydration. Also in people with high uric acid in blood and Gout (disease caused by deposition of uric acid crystals in joints).

Does having amorphous Urate crystals abundant in positive urine cause problems?

The presence of Amorphous Urates Crystals in the urine analysis can generate sedimentation of the same at the level of the renal calyces producing kidney stones (stones or stones in the kidney). People with kidney stones for uric acid tend to have Amorphous Urates in urine.

Crystals of amorphous Uratos in Urine.
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Treatment of Amorphous Crystals in Urine.

In children and young people it is not necessary to investigate more if we find amorphous urate crystals, however it is a sign of poor hydration and we should improve the fluid intake throughout the day. In healthy adults an intake between 2 or 3 liters is recommended.

In patients with high uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia), the treatment should be focused on the control of the levels through the diet and if necessary with pharmacological treatment.

It is possible that your doctor reviews your analysis and does not care about the chance finding of Amorphous Urates Crystals in Urine. If there are no other risk factors, it is a result that is usually overlooked without consequences. Improve your hydration and if you have any doubts, tell your doctor when reviewing the analyzes.

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