Benefits of the rain

 Constant heavy rain can be  annoying and even sad, but rain has a large number of benefits, apart from the obvious advantages of rainfall, such as recharging the basins of our rivers, reservoirs and aquifers, generate energy and make the soil of our forests is humid and on it appear a large number of plant species, rainwater generates a series of benefits on our body that you did not imagine, among them are:

Improves the hydration of the skin.

After the first minutes of a storm, once the air pollutant particles have been cleaned and purified, the water that falls from the atmosphere is completely pure water with a low concentration of salts, and is free of chlorine and other components chemicals, which makes it ideal for cleaning and moisturizing the skin, better than tap water, which makes our skin drier.

We also have to count on what, the fall of the raindrops on the skin, causes us a small massage that stimulates the circulation and helps to clean the pores and impurities. The humid environment that is generated on rainy days brings great hydration to the skin and will prevent the dryness caused by cold and windy days or days of extreme heat.

It is good to take care of the hair.

It may seem annoying, but walking in the rain without an umbrella, causes our hair to get wet with water of high quality, it helps to eliminate toxic substances that remain in our hair throughout the day and also makes it grow stronger and soft.

If we collect rainwater in a container, we can use it to wash our hair with it, as it is a clean water, it will allow the products we use to wash it to make more foam and also the hair is much smoother.

Cleans and purifies the air

When it rains, a large number of toxic substances that are in suspension are eliminated from the air, and by improving the quality of the air, it will improve our health, since we breathe a purer air and that will allow us not to have respiratory infections, colds, etc.

We have all heard how large cities get to high levels of pollution and smog clouds can be observed or pollutants, which even impede vision and that all disappear in times of rain, in Cuenca we are lucky to breathe an air little polluted and if we add the rains of recent days, we get an excellent quality in the air we breathe daily.

It keeps us happier

No, we have gone crazy, although it seems to us that the rainy days are more sad or discouraged, it is demonstrated that after a storm the environment is no longer charged and the temperature is regulated, since all the negative charge in the air is reduced , in addition to breathing an air of better quality we eliminate tensions, headaches, discomfort and fatigue, it is normal to feel relaxed and with more spirits once the storm has passed, due to this effect.

Helps regulate room temperature

Although it seems to us that the storm days are gray and cold, the water helps to regulate and stabilize the temperature, during the cold seasons, on rainy days, it usually increases the ambient temperature and is somewhat softer than on clear days with low temperatures zero. As during summer, the storms that occur are of great strength, they always help to reduce or lower that typical hot flash of dry temperatures and refresh the soil and with it the ambient temperature.


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