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Best office chair under 300

You would have most likely arrived at this page because you are looking for chair under $300. We know you wants to budget but you also want to choose a beautiful and comfortable chair , under 300 dollars we are here to help you? 

What criteria we used to pick these chairs under $300?

Comfort is an essential part of our lives and for us to perform well in our day-to-day work, it is essential that we have comfortable, practical and durable furniture in our daily use that allows us to perform our tasks in a practical and efficient , as is the case of office chairs, elements present in our routine and that should be comfortable, durable and ergonomic for the good of our back and neck. Note there is no one chair that suits everyone.

So here are the thing we looked at

  • Ergonomics of your chair: Questions such as height, inclination, angulation and adjustment of the seat are important elements to make your chair comfortable and ergonomic, and should be chosen according to who will use the chair, since it is necessary that the height of the chair is in accordance with the height of the legs, the inclination of the seat allows that the whole column is adjusted of uniform form and that the angle allows the use of the chair of comfortable form.
  • Chair Material: Choosing the material of your office chair is one of the key elements that you should be aware of at the time of your purchase, since different materials have different strengths, finishes, uses and comforts, and it is interesting that you choose those that best suit your needs. Example leather seats looks executive and professional but not soft on your skin while mesh seats may be breathable unlike leather but not that comfortable .
  • Arms:The arms of the work chair should be of sufficient height for the elbows and forearms to rest without straining the shoulders.
  • Lumbar support: The lumbar support in an ergonomic chair is very important. The lumbar spine (bottom of the spine) has an internal curve and when you sit for long periods without support, it tends to force the lower spine. One solution to get around this problem is to adopt a cushion for lumbar support 😉
  • Seat height: The height of the seat of an office chair should be easily adjustable. Its regulation usually varies between 40 and 52 cm from the ground. The right height for you allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor with your thighs and horizontal arms.
  • Neck support: if you sit for long periods in your office chair using a computer you are sure to get neck pain so it is important to have a neck on your chair.
  • Chair movement :One of the most common and traditional models of office chairs are so-called fixed chairs, that is, they do not have movable casters, being the most practical, cheap and efficient option for those who want comfortable chairs, but do not want to spend much or even want a more traditional look.
  • Swivel office chair: Another option found in modern offices and which is quite interesting for its ergonomics, practicality of use and also for its ease of transport and movement are the so-called swivel office chairs, which have mobile casters, ensuring greater mobility and practicality for the chair. “You can check to learn more about these.

Now that we laid the groundwork for choosing the best office chair under $300 here our list .

Best chair office chairs under $300

Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair  4.1 out of 5 stars

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Setra is known for their soft and comfortable pillows and mattress which they have brought to their style office chair .This chair is upholstered with soft durable microfiber for that makes it comfortable for sitting.

The Good

  • This chair provides good support for the lower back  because of the Contoured shape  .
  • It comes with a soft pillow head rest for neck support during the longs hours at your desk.
  • It has a recline and lift mechanism that allow you to lean back or heighten the chair.
  • The waterfall shape seat is designed to reduce pressure on your back .
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs

The Bad

  • A number of buyer complained that the seams usually rips .
  • Not for persons who sweat a lot because of the upholstery material and be careful not to spill on it.
  • The bottom of the chair is built with wood too much weight can break it.


Argomax Mesh ergonomic office chair 4.1 out of 5 stars

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The Good

  • A very breathable office chair from the cushion to the back rest.
  • The head rest can rotate and move up and down to fit any user comfort.
  • Built in lumbar support
  • The 2 in 1 lever allows you to tilt the chair 132 degrees  and also adjust the height.
  • More sturdy than the serta chair it also has a weight capacity of 350lbs.
  • The arm rest is adjustable they turn in and out and up and down.

The Bad

  • It can tilt back but you cannot lock it into position.
  • No soft feeling to this chair
  • The head rest will not adjust for everyone’s head .To rest perfectly you need to ensure your height matches the measurement of the chair.

Merax Inno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair 4.3 out of 5 stars

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The Good

  • Its made with high quality leather that has double edge stitched  to keep hems together.
  • Great office chair for home and those persons who spend a long time at their desk , it can recline 180 degrees so you can sleep .
  • The foot rest is a great bonus for those extended periods at the office , it also slides out very easy.
  • Curved backrest designed to be comfortably fit the curvature of the standard body frame.
  • It has a moveable lumbar support which can suit your needs.
  • Weight capacity 225lbs
  • Thick head rest

The Bad

  • The head rest will not be comfortable for everyone depending on your height especially a tall persons. (Check the measurements)
  • The leather is quality but does not have a soft feeling.
  • Foot rest will not adjust to fit the length of your leg which can be uncomfortable . (Check the measurements)


AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair 4.3 out of 5 stars

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The Good

  • The padded seat are very comfortable for your back.
  • Comfortable executive chair upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC.
  • Soft curved armrest.
  • Chair can tilt . lift and lower.

The Bad

  • The leather is not genuine it peels the arm after few months of use.

LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The Good

  • It comes with a simple controls let you raise or lower your seat and tilt back  your chair.

  • The seat is made with mesh in the middle and leather to the tilt section . This design keeps you cool on your bottom and fatigue free a  mesh seat for eliminating leg fatigue and added breathability. Awesome tilt tension knob underneath the seat to adjust the flexibility of rocking back in your chair
  • This ergonomically designed office chair supports your spine and back but is also breathable because of the mesh.
  • Very soft cushion head rest.

The Bad

  • The hand rest is not soft .
  • The back rest stick out at the wrong place for a tall person 6ft plus.




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