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The difference between multiplayer and cooperative game

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Multiplayer or cooperative? When playing your favorite game online, you may have either or both of these options. Therefore, today we are going to tell you what is the difference between a multiplayer game and a cooperative game or Co-Op so you can know what kind of concrete game each of these two options refers to.

Both terms seem to mean the same thing, being able to play with several people online, but they do not refer to exactly the same way of playing. In fact, we could almost say that although the cooperative is also a multiplayer, the multiplayer does not have to be cooperative. Calm down, because he has an explanation.

What is a multiplayer game?

A multiplayer videogame is any game that allows two or more players to interact during the game at the same time . This can be both in person using both the same console, using local cables or wireless games with several consoles, or through the Internet.

This means that if you are playing a Call of Duty, as there are several human persons playing at the same time it is a multiplayer, and if you are with your console playing two people at the same time using the same console it is also with a multiplayer game. And even if you have a Nintendo Switch and you are playing several people in the same room each with its console via LAN but all in the same game at the same time is also multiplayer.

What distinguishes a cooperative game

The cooperative game is a specific modality within the multiplayer games. These modalities or games are cooperative in which two or more players work together as a team to achieve a common goal within a game. All this, again, either online, with the same console or wirelessly.

It is important to distinguish a cooperative or co-op game from a PvP(player vs. player or player vs. player). Both are multiplayer modes, but while in a PvP you compete against the other human players of the game, in a Co-Op you are collaborating with them, either to solve puzzles or problems or to end a common enemy controlled by the game itself .

To give an example, if you are playing a war game with two sides managed by real players is a multiplayer PvP, but it is not a cooperative . And although you are cooperating with some of the human players, there is also another side in which other people play against you.

Therefore, a cooperative game is a type of multiplayer game, although different from the competitive multiplayer for not having to face other players but to cooperate with them against one or more adversaries controlled by the game or to overcome puzzles, problems or riddles.

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