Difference between sterility and infertility

Sterility and infertility

The sterility and infertility are two totally different concepts, but are often used incorrectly several times. There are many couples with the illusion of being parents who are trying to have children but who, for different reasons, it is impossible. Therefore, it is very important to go to the consultation of a specialist to be able to detect what the problem is and what concrete solutions exist for it.

First of all, we must know that sterility refers to the inability of human beings to conceive, which can lead to psychological instability.

There are many techniques of assisted reproduction to fight against infertility

There are many techniques of assisted reproduction to fight against infertility

The causes of sterility are very diverse in regard to women, as it can be caused by problems of ovulation, reduced ovarian reserve, endometriosis, certain chronic diseases or even advanced age , among others. As for the man, the most frequent is the alteration of the quality of the sperm, either in the concentration or in the mobility of the same.

On the other hand, fertility is defined as the ability of people to reproduce. In this sense, when there are infertility problems or infertility is mentioned, reference is made to the impossibility of ending pregnancy with the birth of a healthy child.

In the case of infertility, all the problems of sterility plus other anomalies are added, such as, for example, those of the female reproductive tract, problems in the fallopian tubes or in the neck of the uterus for the case of the female sex. When reference is made to the male sex, testicular alterations can occur, obstruction of the outlet ducts of the semen, alterations in the erection, problems in the organ of the prostate, and so on.

Assisted reproduction treatments

Currently, there are many treatments to help those couples who for one reason or another are having difficulties to have offspring and thus solve the sterility or infertility they suffer. It is not a time to feel guilt or remorse, but to try to remedy the problems and do everything possible to achieve the dream of parenting.

Also, there are different techniques of assisted reproduction so that many couples can achieve the desired pregnancy. Similarly, there are other options such as surrogate motherhood, known as rent belly and which is not legal in all countries, or adoption.

Regarding the various alternatives that are available to be able to have children in a biological way, we must highlight the sperm microinjection , which consists of extracting sperm from the man through small samples of semen and, later, introducing them through a microneedle in the interior of the woman’s ovule. The egg donation or embryo transfer are also techniques that contribute to this good end.


Similarly, in vitro fertilization is another possible solution for the infertility of many couples. It involves the fertilization of an ovum in the laboratory and the subsequent implantation of the embryo inside the female uterus. It must be said that this technique needs a surgical intervention, that is, it implies certain risks that must be assumed.

Another of the most common procedures carried out is artificial insemination , which involves the introduction of sperm into the uterus through an injection and during the period close to ovulation. Previously it is necessary to undergo a hormonal treatment in the case of women. In addition, the sperm can be -if it were feasible- of the man of the couple or -if it were not- from an outside or unknown donor.

In any case, it is essential that people who are with these difficulties to be able to have children, whether due to sterility or infertility , are adequately informed of all the procedures that exist and know the probabilities of success of each one of them. – in vitro fertilization , artificial insemination , etc. – according to their own circumstances and characteristics.

And while it is true that, although minimal, all these techniques carry certain risks – and thus there are the risks of artificial insemination , those of sperm microinjection , ovodonation , etc. – such as the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome , which is one of the main side effects of in vitro fertilization and ovarian stimulation in general, they are still much lower than the benefits that these treatments provide.

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