Differences between dental implants and crowns

There are differences between dental implants and crowns , although both procedures are designed to recover a tooth both functionally and aesthetically. Dental pieces can fall or fracture as a result of age, stress or trauma. In addition, its inevitable deterioration can lead to nerve death. As they do not grow again and can not be transplanted, these unnatural methods arise.

What are the differences between dental implants and crowns?

Just two days is the time it would take to replace a detached tooth. For this, you can resort to dental bridges. Dental bridges are fictitious pieces that are attached by wires fixed to other real teeth.

There are several differences between dental implants and crowns, but their end coincides.



If there is any piece of the piece detached, a crown could be placed. When the root is dead or deteriorated, it is likely to require cleaning. If the tooth exists, it usually requires a crown .

On the other hand, when there is practically no remnant or the tooth is severely damaged, an endodontics procedure will be carried out and, subsequently, the placement of dental implants supplying it.

Dental crowns

What is your function?

Before a healthy and sufficient amount of tooth, you can choose to insert a crown that helps complete the piece after having fractured or as a result of some decay. In this way, the appearance of the crown can resemble that of the natural tooth , although of metal or porcelain. Some time ago, crowns made with gold were widely used, because they are easier to model.

Crowns after an endodontics

During an endodontic treatment, the strawberry enters the tooth and also inside the root. Because of this, the tooth will be very thin and fragile. Most of the time, once the endodontics is finished, we choose to cover the tooth with a metal strip to consolidate it and, later, the crown will be placed, whose color will adapt to the tone of the nearest teeth.

Dental crowns are used to complete teeth that have suffered some loss of material.

Dental implants

What are they?

Dental implants are another alternative to replace natural teeth . This procedure consists of implanting in the jaw or maxilla an object similar to a screw and that is usually made with titanium . Then a crown or layer is placed on the implant. It is a permanent treatment and it is especially useful in case there is not any tooth left or a piece nearby to hold a bridge.

Implants with dentures

Another distinction is the cost of treatment, because in dental implants it is higher than in crowns.

When the patient does not have any teeth in his oral cavity, he may need to use a denture. However, the stability of the same moves away from the desired one before the total absence of dental pieces. For this reason, it may be advisable to place certain dental implants. In this way, the dentures can be fixed and, with this, improve the functionality of them.

Price of dental implants and crowns

Another difference between dental implants and crowns lies in their cost . The price of the former is noticeably higher, since it requires a maxillofacial surgeon and numerous subsequent revisions. However, a crowned root canal is not an overly economical method either. Of course, if the root remained straight and the retouching was simple, it could be placed in the dental clinic, which would save costs.

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