How many times have you wondered what is the difference between  MDF and MDP a raw material that is used for furniture?

Know that both the MDF and MDP are excellent materials, but each has its particularities and uses.

Although they are quite similar, since both materials are created by the same method. These are materials made from agglomerated wood fibers, but the great difference between them is the fiber density of the material, which results in a large difference in weight and strength between the two materials. While the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has all of its core, ie its center composed of wood fibers, the Medium Density Particleboard (MDP) is made of wood particles.

Difference between MDF and MDP

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Malleability of MDF

What this means in practice is that the MDF ends up having a much greater malleability, so it can be subject to various cuts, which facilitates with which furniture of different styles, with more innovative design can be made with the use of this material, something that would be impossible with MDP.

  • MDF can be cut into various formats;
  • MDP can only be cut in straight lines to avoid tearing or weakening of the part

An advantage of the MDF, compared to its competitor is that, because it is made of high density wood fibers, it is great for finishes, therefore, it combines better with some types of environments, while the MDP is more rigid and therefore, have to be used in more specific situations

Finally, even in the sense of malleability, the MDF ends up serving for pieces of different sizes, from a small table, to a large cabinet, since this type of material, has this versatility to be used in different situations, something that MDP can not.

Advantages of MDP

On the other hand, the MDP has its advantages as well: because it is manufactured in fibers of lower density, the material ends up being much lighter than its competitor. In addition, the low density of the material allows a lower fiber expenditure for each sheet, which results in a much lower value in relation to the MDF.

Another positive aspect of the MDP is that it has a more practical use, while the MDF is used for a more daring furniture, which allows a greater creativity of the decorator, when assembling a house, the MDP ends up being more direct, used on doors and shelves.


The main difference between MDF and MDP, is that in use MDP layer wood particles, thinner are the surface and the thickness of the core. Although the MDF, bind wood fibers. Despite this difference, they are considered as two medium density wood panels.

The MDP is the wooden panel consumed mainly in industrialized countries for the manufacture of residential furniture and commercial, which can be used in conjunction with other groups, including the MDF itself. By having a lower cost, the use of MDP makes it products more cheaper and more competitive, while the quality of the hand.

MDP is easier to handle than the MDF, has improved  resistance to the extraction of screws , has a lower absorption of humidity, and has a superior finish in the processes of printing, painting and coating.But both MDF and MDP are vulnerable to humid environments.

Concluding, in fact, in a house, both types of materials are used, since while it ends up serving more aesthetic and creative purposes, to give a more elegant air to an environment the other ends up having its practical utility, for furniture that will be used on a daily basis, so for an environment to be in perfect harmony, both the MDP, when the MDF, will have to be used.


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