Mdf vs MDP

Difference between mdf and mdp

How many times have you wondered what is the difference between the past MDF and MDP to listen mainly on raw materials of furniture? And even worse when the seller of a store gives a total contradiction with the explanation received in another store.

Know that both the MDF and MDP are excellent materials, but each has its particularities and uses.

The mdf production is made from the transformation of the records of wood fibers mixed with resin and pressed in a continuous press, they are transformed into sheets that leave the production line already coated or not. The use is recommended in most work in low relief, so it is the most used in furniture doors.

Since MDP has its production of the transformation of the records in particles that are glued together and interlaced with special resins of last generation, this ensures a greater dimensional stability of the panel higher resistance to bending, still has the advantage of having a greater use of raw material than MDF, and that is precisely why its cost is reduced.

Unlike the MDP, the MDP should be worked on the straight parts, with no notches or rounded corners and no work then. For these reasons, its main application are straight ports, furniture, side shelves, dividers, straight lids, formed lids, upper and lower base and fronts of the drawers and sides.

We found the pressure coated low melamine MDP (BP), the metallized finish (FF) or uncoated for the application of the plates, high pressure laminates, paint or printing.

The main difference between MDF and MDP, is that in use MDP layer wood particles, thinner are the surface and the thickness of the core. Although the MDF, bind wood fibers. Despite this difference, they are considered as two medium density wood panels.

The MDP is the wooden panel consumed mainly in industrialized countries for the manufacture of residential furniture and commercial, which can be used in conjunction with other groups, including the MDF itself. By having a lower cost, the use of MDP makes the mobile cheaper and more competitive, while the quality of the hand.

The MDP is more tracks and easier to handle than the MDF, has improved the resistance to the extraction of screws, of the warp and has a lower absorption of humidity, and has a superior finish in the processes of printing, painting and coating.

The appearance of the MDP reminds the age group and are also much higher than in quality and durability for those who do not know it just seems that the MDP is not worth the investment.

Both MDF and MDP are vulnerable to humid environments.

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