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Porcelain tile floors are often confused with ceramic tiles. And no wonder, after all, they really share several similarities. Each material has its particularities, so how about conferring the advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences between them? Check out our article now and find out what is the ideal finish for your home! Come on?

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The main difference between ceramics and porcelain tiles is in the process of producing these materials. In the end, porcelain tile is still a ceramic product, but goes through a technologically more complex production process, depending on the mixture of porcelain, clay, feldspar, sand, filitos, kaolins and some additives, when necessary. Pottery, on the other hand, has clay as its raw material and the production process is simpler. The differences also extend to the firing temperature: while the porcelain tile is at 1200 ° C, the ceramic is subjected to 540 ° C.


The appearance of the porcelain tile is more sophisticated, as the product tends to be denser, homogeneous and with a vitrified appearance. Not to mention that its polished sheen can not even be compared to the unobtrusive and rustic sheen of the pottery. As for the colors and the sizes, the variety of both is enormous, not giving to generalize. It is worth mentioning that the finishing in the installation of the porcelain tile can be done with dry joint, while the laying of the ceramic is only done with conventional grout .


There are low quality porcelanatos and also ceramics of low quality. Just as there are products with excellent quality and durability. Then everything will depend on the brand – and hence the price – of the material. In general, porcelain tile is more resistant than ordinary ceramics, and is also suitable for environments with high circulation of people, besides having high resistance to abrasion and low water absorption.



Porcelain tiles are often more expensive than ceramics, although materials with very affordable prices already exist. It is possible to find porcelain tiles from 30 to over 200 reais per square meter. Ceramic floors , in turn, are cheaper even in the labor required for their settlement. It is important to note that, although the economy is indispensable, you should not just think about the price, okay? Evaluate the cost-effectiveness, product durability, guarantee and aesthetics of the material when choosing between ceramic and porcelain tile.


To keep the porcelain tile beautiful longer, wipe the floor daily with a cloth moistened only with water and mild detergent. The ceramic gives a little more work to clean, as you will need to sweep or vacuum, wipe a well wet cloth on the surface and dry immediately to prevent staining. Be careful not to use abrasive materials on any floor, as the surface may be damaged.


It is not possible to say that one floor is better than another. It will be your dream and your pocket that will define which product to choose. If maintenance is done properly, both the ceramic and the porcelain tile are well ordered. Remembering that ceramic floors are less durable, but have the advantage of being cheaper. In other words, the porcelanato did not come to replace the ceramic! They, in fact, end up adding up and bringing innumerable possibilities for civil construction.


Now it’s going to be easier to differentiate the ceramic floors from the porcelain tile floors. So tell us: which one do you like the most? Share your opinions with us and participate! You can also read about the  : ceramics and porcelain tiles advantages disadvantages .


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