Propane vs gas generator

There are many different types of generators in the market today. There are stationary generators that are designed for home use and there are several versions that are portable enough to carry on trips, in the workplace, etc. Each generator depends on a different power source to produce electricity, some generators use propane as fuel, others use gas, some are even capable of operating with several different energy sources. Propane and gas generators are very popular in the United States.

Propane has the advantage of not degrading as quickly as gasoline. When stored in the right container, propane quite has a long shelf life. When gasoline is left in a generator that is not used for a while, gasoline will begin to rapidly degrade somewhat. Another thing that propane has gasoline is that it burns cleaner. Propane generators are ideal for the home, if a propane circuit is easily accessible.

Gasoline can burn as cleanly as propane, but can put about 10 percent less methane into the atmosphere. Gasoline generators are not necessarily the best option for permanent home use, but they are usually the most popular option for those looking for portability. In addition, gasoline puts more BTU per gallon than propane. A gallon of gasoline can put around 125,000 BTUs, while a gallon of propane can only put around 91,000 BTUs.

Traditionally, gas generators are more portable than propane generators. Propane generators have to be connected to the propane tanks through a pipeline. Gas generators enjoy the advantage of being equipped with a tank that can be filled when needed. Generators that use propane tend to require semi-permanent positions that make them better equipped for domestic use.

There is a wide range of propane and gasoline powered generators available to the public. Propane and gasoline prices vary by location, but generator prices are relatively the same throughout the country. Both propane and gasoline generators offer a wide variety of products to meet the specific demand.

Depending on the size, generators can cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Propane generators are generally cheaper than gas generators .Both propane and gas generators offer several options in comparable powers.


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