Advantages and disadvantages of tattoos

Pros, cons and breaking myths about tattoos

Tattooing is a practice that takes place since the beginning of time and will last until the end of the same . There are countless tattoos that can be made in a year, in a month and even in a day around the world. An experience that part of society enjoys or suffers at least once throughout his life and from which, each and every one of us, we have asked the same: Do I tattoo or not? What’s wrong with tattooing? Will I get bored with my tattoo?


There is evidence that it was back in 2000 BC when they found the first tattoos on mummies. Even 25 years ago they found another Neolithic mummy (about 5,200 years old) that had no less than 57 tattoos on the back. Different cultures have used tattoos in very different ways:

  • As an art : in the sense of creation of ritual or symbolic meanings (Ancient Egypt).
  • As a mark to criminals : to identify them and point them out (ancient Greece and Rome).
Hey, I’m an artist.

Is it good to get tattooed?

Times have advanced and people who carry tattoos no longer identify exclusively with those two options. Although, well, your mother will always tell you that ” it’s like you’re one of the jail .”

Ok, certain things cost more time to change them, but society has implemented and implements this practice more and more as usual. And if not, they should do it, because judging a person for the tattoos he carries is something as archaic as stupid. Once we have entered the subject, let’s go with the pros and cons.

Advantages of tattoos

  1. You will molar more . That is undeniable. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, tattoos always get attention. We do not mean that those who do not wear a tatu do not mole, but add a plus, a little bit of morbid, a “what will it mean?” …
  2. It is a way of art and personal expression. Some simply want to decorate their body, but the vast majority expresses through the tattoo to express an experience, a thought, a memory …
  3. Speaking of memories, we can qualify the tattoos as ” use reminder “. There are those who get tattooed so as not to forget a loved one, to perpetuate what to do in each moment (typical ‘Carpe Diem’), to commemorate a reason to look forward. That the tattoo represents a great sentimental load is a reason that surely you will not regret with the passage of the years.
  4. It serves to hide spots and scars . Have you never thought about it? There you have another option to transform a small part of your body that you do not want to look in that of which to show off in veranito (or inviernito, hey, as you prefer).


  1. If you tattoo yourself for a fad … you’re screwed . The fashions happen but the tatus remain, so think about what you are going to inscribe on your skin if you do not want to spend a salary to eliminate it.
  2. If you get tattooed by your partner … you’re fucked up . Couples pass but the tatus remain. It’s just like fashions, as the relationship comes down, get ready, because memories will always be on the surface, and never better.
  3. Some jobs reject them . Drastic? Maybe, but true. If you plan to enter the Army, for example, any tattoo that looks more ‘bare’ (hands, forearm, neck, knee down …) will force you to erase it if you want to be inside. Once there you can do them yes, but to go before with them supposes an ‘Out’.
  4. Filling your body with ink hurts , and more in some areas than in others. Prepare to spend an annoying time.

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