How to stop fanny farts

woman embarrassed by fanny fart

What is Fanny Fart ?

Fanny Farts also called Vaginal flatus , vaginal gases , or garrulitas vulvae (Greek garrulitas : trill, gab, chatter)is the name given to the expelled gases from the vaginausually during the sexual act , which make them small and big lips vibrate. It usually has no odor, unless the woman has vaginal  discharge. The noise produced resembles those of ordinary flatulence .  Because the vagina does not have a sphincter like the anus, the woman can not control the air outlet. This can also happen when you perform a great physical effort, such as in gymnastics .

What causes fanny farts ?

The vagina tends to increase in size from 10 to 15 cm after intercourse

The vaginal ventosities, in most cases, are caused by a loss of muscle tone in the vaginal walls. During the excitement, penetration, or exercise, the muscles of the vagina contract and stretch, which facilitates the entry of air into the vagina. Unlike the anus, the vagina does not have a sphincter to contract it and prevent the dreaded vent.  

Vaginal flatulence happens more often to women who have had many births, or those who have lost muscle mass due to some disease or the passage of time . There have been cases in young women but it is not the most usual. The weakness of the musculature can produce a constant contraction and expansion of the vaginal walls that produce these ventosities. 

Unlike anal flatus, vaginal flatus usually has no odor and if present, may be an indication that the woman may have some infection . The noise produced by the gases is similar to those produced by the anus (flatulence). Is that, considering that the female genital organ does not have sphincter as the anus, the woman can not control the exit of the air. When a great physical effort is made, like gymnastics, the outflow of flatus by the female genital organ can also happen.

5 ways prevent fanny farts

1. Change positions
If you already located which positions make more vaginal noise, change them! You can try many more and eliminate the uncomfortable gases.   To avoid vaginal gases it is better to opt for sexual postures like the missionary, or the spoon, since according to the New Code site they are safe bets, while the ‘doggy style’ increases the risk of generating these uncomfortable noises. In theory, the less the penis reaches the bottom, the less air it will displace with the action.
2. Strengthen your pelvic area
The Kegel exercises are great to avoid sexual flatulence. Practice contracting your vagina as much as possible several times a day, this way you will help the muscle. There are a number of creams and pills you can use to tighten your vagina check them out.
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3. Lower 2 lines
The fanny farts occur when the man enters and leaves very quickly from your body, since it is as if he is constantly pumping air. To prevent noise from appearing, tell him not to make the movements so fast or abrupt.
4. Use lubricant
This will help your partner not get completely out of you and reduce the effect of pumping.
5. Use your fingers
Insert one of your fingers during penetration, especially when you are in a position where your legs are far apart. She can also try to squeeze the vagina all the time during intercourse, putting point 2 into practice.
Put these tips into practice to reduce vaginal gases. If not, do not be overwhelmed. This happens to many women, if not all, at some point in life. The best thing is to have an open communication with your partner so that you do not feel bad, in case it happens again.

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