Advantages of telemarketing

advantages of telemarketing

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a personal communication with your target audience through the telephone that offers multiple advantages to increase sales of your business.

Also called telephone marketing, telemarketing is a component of the direct marketing strategy, along with the rest of the marketing mix actions .

Its development was favored with the appearance of reverse charging lines, which make it easier for customers to make free calls to call centers.


Unlike direct communications through email messages or mobile phones, telephone marketing establishes a personal conversation between the potential client and your company.

Taking advantage of its advantages, this form of direct marketing is frequently used to support communication initiated with campaigns by ordinary mail or with the diffusion of advertisements in conventional means of mass communication.

Its use also supposes a support to the sales force facilitating the prospection functions or the treatment and monitoring of accounts of minor clients that are not usually done through face-to-face visits.

The use of a telephone marketing service can help you arrange interviews for your sales forces, sell your products or services, confirm attendance at events, update databases, commercial prospecting, after sales monitoring, and so on.

From the familiarity of the target audience with your company , the brand or products that are promoted will depend, to a large extent, on the outcome of a telemarketing operation .

The calls that your company addresses to your current customers are perceived by them, in most cases, as an additional service, while if they come from an unknown company, they are more likely to be interpreted as an intrusion.

Thanks to this trust and the direct and immediate dialogue established between the client and the company, it is possible to significantly increase the response rates and the return on investment ,compared to other direct marketing tools.

Although the exhaustive control of costs and the results of the telemarketing campaign allows to optimize and make changes on the fly in the campaign, it is advisable a previous selection of recipients to obtain greater effectiveness.

The segmentation in databases or CRM allows to select clients or potential clients through different criteria (age, family situation, socioeconomic level, place of residence, purchase history, interests or affinities, etc.) and classify them to find those that They are more likely to buy our product or service.

The best results will come from lists extracted from our own databases , whether clients or potential customers that have been contacted, although there are other possibilities to obtain them through database companies, telephone directories, professional guides, etc.

Advantages of Telephone Marketing 

The main advantages of telephone marketing are:

  • Quickly . The telephone communication allows knowing immediately, in the same development of the conversation with the client, the obtained results.
  • Interactivity . It allows solving individually the questions and objections raised by the client.
  • Efficient complement or substitute of the sales visit . The telephone marketing proves useful in cases where the potential customer does not wish to receive any vendor, when the shift to the customer is very costly for the company or when you want to collect information about the prospects, before embarking on sales visits .
  • Flexibility . The company can react quickly when it finds that any of the elements of the offer does not produce the desired results and introduce the necessary adjustments almost immediately.
  • Opportunity for additional sales . In the course of the conversation with the client may arise the opportunity to offer other products, related to those that have acquired or that are considered appropriate to their characteristics.
  • Customer service . Allows the client to be informed about the availability of the items, advise them in the purchase decision or give a quick response to the observations or complaints that it raises. All this contributes to increase your satisfaction.
  • Obtaining information . Thanks to the dialogue that is established, a greater knowledge of the client is obtained, either because of the information it provides about itself, because of the language it uses, because of the intention it shows in the purchase, etc.
  • The recruitment of possible new customers is one of the advantages of Telemarketing. According to the studies, trust is the first point of departure. Therefore, the confidence generated by direct contact between the company and the client already offers a point in favor.
  • When an event is approaching, such as a fair or convention, Telemarketing is a great strategy to make an appointment with your potential client. We can even kill 3 birds with one stone, because we promote the event or assistance to it; We confirm the assistance of the clients and, most importantly, we establish appointments.
  • As a last point, market research is indicated . Telemarketing is one of the techniques most used by companies to probe the market. Satisfaction surveys, for example, are one of the methods that many large companies use to build customer loyalty. Of course it must be done in a controlled way and always according to the needs of the user.


Telemarketing has interesting advantages when done well. It is a direct channel that allows you to obtain a lot of information and, quickly and flexibly, adapt the offer or the strategy based on it. Much of the information obtained in calls can be of great importance to improve the product or service and customer service if protocols are established to channel the customer’s opinions.

Applied to the sale, it allows to reach areas in which face-to-face sales are not possible or profitable, offer the opportunity to sell complementary products or services and can also prepare the sale before the face-to-face visit takes place or take advantage of opportunities arising after this.

Finally, as a customer service, it is a means that allows an agile and comfortable interaction, adding value to the product or service and improving the customer experience. Despite the abuses, it remains one of the preferred means by the client to maintain contact with the company for after-sales service.

On the other hand, the main drawback of telephone marketing lies in the cost per contact , which is higher than in other direct marketing media, such as mailing and advertising in mass media.

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