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Advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office

Virtual office avoids risking part of the capital by renting a local or a traditional office, and thus allows more competitive prices or greater profitability.

Work without a physical space in common? Thanks to computers, cell phones and the internet today it is possible to carry on a business in this way, especially in the field of services.

Unlike a traditional office, a Virtual office is a workspace without an established physical location. The advance of communications, allows advertising agencies, producers, professional studios, distributors and other businesses to operate through collaborative tools without having a fixed place.But not everything is positive. Analyze below the advantages and disadvantages of the virtual office before deciding to work in this way :

Advantages of the virtual office

  • Lower investment start-up. If your company is just beginning, the virtual office can be a good option. It allows not having to risk part of the capital by renting a local or a traditional office. It is also a tempting option if you are thinking of expanding your business in other geographical areas.
  • Saving money. By doing the whole operation online and not having to invest in the physical space, you save money not only on the initial investment ( premises, equipment, facilities ) but on all the usual operating costs: rentals, services . This savings translates into more competitive prices or greater profitability in the face of competition.
  • At all times and in all places. Everyday activities can be done from anywhere in the world and at the chosen time, it is enough to have the necessary communication equipment that allows you to contact your clients: a PC with internet access and a telephone.
  • Flexible schedules. For many people working from home or the chosen place is an advantage because it works more comfortable and there is also time flexibility. This also allows attracting and retaining talents that flee traditional jobs or live far from your locality.
  • Reduction of times and eventualities. In some cases, productivity increases , since travel times and costs are reducedcompared to moving to a physical office. In addition, work is not affected by eventualities such as weather or traffic problems.

Disadvantages of the virtual office

  • Internet dependency. The connection to the network becomes indispensable in this type of offices, since it is the tool par excellence to be able to communicate with partners, employees and customers. The dependency is so high that it is practically impossible to work without a connection.
  • Not everyone is capable of “virtualizing”. On the one hand, not all activities are feasible to be carried out from any place and without a specific physical space. On the other hand … not all people are capable of working virtually! Working from home requires organization, self-motivation and orientation to results.
  • Difficulties of communication. With your team or with clients. The tools improve day by day, but even then it is often difficult to supply personal communication in business matters . It is important to have a place where you can meet at least periodically.
  • Low customization By working virtually, you can outsource some services such as telephone service, for example, through a virtual secretary. This type of services are provided for several companies simultaneously, which means that the attention of the clients is not personalized nor represents exclusively the image of your business.
  • Difficulties to control and coordinate. Supervision in a physical environment is much simpler, often enough to switch to the office next door or observe the work of an employee. In the virtualenvironment or the management of the workers, nor the coordination of the work team are so simple . It is necessary to find alternatives to favor communication and control.

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