Advantages and disadvantages of being a millennial teacher

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As you have already read in a thousand and one articles, millennials are those digital natives born from the nineties onwards. What is going on with them? Well, currently many of the members of that generation already have higher education and work in various fields. One of them is teaching.

Accustomed to impose their own rules and to innovate directly or indirectly in the fields in which they develop, millennials, as teachers, have been teaching new teaching techniques that have brought many advantages to their students, but also some disadvantages. Do you want to know what they are? Here we tell you


  • They manage technology at the same level as their students and get the most out of it.
  • They believe that the best form of teaching is through experiences and they have left behind methods that are based on learning things from memory.
  • They handle hierarchies differently and strive to be perceived as allies of their students and not as figures of power.
  • Due to their proximity to social networks, they have a very strong community tendency and do not seek to impose their ideas, but always reach a consensus with the people involved, which in this case would be their students.
  • They understand better the needs of their students, since like them, they are digital natives.
  • They have no major problem with the changes and adapt to them with great ease.
  • React and solve problems quickly. The immediacy is something that they have lived with throughout their growth and formation.


  • Some students may confuse their youth with inexperience and show some distrust with the knowledge they are trying to convey to them.
  • Certain teachers and parents may believe that their closeness to students is not the most appropriate.
  • Their underhand need because they recognize their work constantly can lead them to be discouraged without noticing it.
  • Your desire to live new experiences from time to time may cause them to change jobs more than twice a year and not end up interacting with a group of students.

As you can see, the short generational gap they share with their students has generated some complications, but not as many as the benefits they have had, not long ago, at the same stage. What other changes will be seen in teaching after more and more of them join their ranks? We will know in a few years.

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