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Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Software

What is Commercial Software?

Commercial Software is the one that is developed specifically for sale. It may or may not count on a license, in fact it may be free or it may not be, depending on how we approach the free term. However one of the things that you really should know, is that the objective of developing commercial software, will always be the profit with it. Then you wonder, what are some examples of commercial software?

Examples of Commercial Software

Throughout our lives, we have lived next to Commercial Software, in fact this type of software is the most used in the world, one more reason why companies still keep their approach to software development as high as possible. And if I tell you that it is the kind of software that you use in your daily walk and you do not believe me, pay attention to the following names:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Dreamviewer

Just to mention a few. Regularly this type of parcels, have a license that must be acquired for the full and legal use of the program. Its creators are dedicated to creating it and not only that. If not, the fact of having a software license, we have several advantages, such as having technical support to solve difficulties. And taking advantage of the fact that I mention this, let’s see what are some of the main advantages of commercial software over free software. If necessary, later we will see the disadvantages, but I still do not promise anything.

Advantages of Commercial Software

  • Easy to Acquire

One of the main advantages of commercial software is that it is easy to acquire. Virtually any technology store, computer or that has something to do with devices and accessories, have different types of commercial software for sale in your inventory. Unlike non-commercial software, to call it in any way, this type of software you regularly have to download from the Internet, and you will not find it in commercial stores, although this is not always the case and this is where many confuse free software with software not commercial, which would seem to be the same, but it is not. Unfortunately that is another issue that we will be seeing later, so we must continue.

  • Programs for Specific Tasks

As a second advantage to point out and see that it does not take order, in reality that does not matter, they are advantages and period. We can highlight the fact that commercial software is developed to execute specific tasks. With this, the quality of the software increases and the user experience mainly. Unlike free software that we can find anywhere, but that may not be especially for the task we want. At least with the commercial software, you will always have on hand a prop for what you need to do, even if it costs you a license.

  • Commercial Software Companies are Great

Possibly for many this would not be an advantage as such. But imagine using the software they designed among a team of developers, which is continually being updated to eliminate bugs or small computer holes, which are always aware of security and therefore offer you a guarantee. Compared with a software, designed by a person, which you just uploaded to the network and now you can use it, but it is abandoned, without updates, or corrections. In this type of case, the commercial software takes a big advantage, because the security and the good functioning will always be guaranteed, above all because you are paying for it.

  • Best Interface

Surely by now you have tested commercial software and free software. Well, without a doubt, something you should have noticed, is that in design and graphic issues, commercial applications are much better. As your graphic design team puts the batteries and make the scheme of work for you the customer, is much more pleasant and comfortable. Unlike a person who developed software and is simply functional, but the design or area where you will work is really bad, without organization, without color and without visual enthusiasm. This dear reader, is one of the main reasons why people who use commercial software, are hardly passed or moved to what is the use of free or non-commercial software.

  • Greater Compatibility

Mainly, in what refers to Games and all the multimedia area that today is so abundant, commercial software stands out for having the greatest compatibility. Therefore, if this is the sector that you use the most in a computer, surely you will always approach the commercial software, the purchase of games and everything that moves in this sector of software development.

  • Greater Hardware Compatibility

Do not think that commercial software is expensive, just because yes. The reality is that it is done with different development processes of such high quality. That the compatibility of the software with the Hardware is simply perfect. In fact, you will always see that the commercial software brings in detail the specifications by means of which it works of a better way, something that with the free software they do not take so much importance to him, eye, that I do not say that they do not mention it or that they do not give importance him. Simply the optimal performance well analyzed can be found in commercial software commonly.

Of course as well as we have a lot of advantages. The reality is that there are also some disadvantages that we as software users should consider. Mainly when you want to use it in a certain way, commercial software is more delicate, then we will see each of the disadvantages of commercial software and why many users, customers, developers and programmers, prefer to focus their daily walk in free software or not commercial.

Disadvantages of Commercial Software

  • No Multiplatform Programs

Do you want a program for Windows ?, then go and buy it. Now you want the same program, in its version for MAC ?. I’m sorry, you’ll have to buy it also individually. What is it about?. Well, the licenses through which the commercial software is handled, does not speak about the fact that you can be the owner of each of the versions of the purchased software, only of the desktop version, so to speak. But if you want to use it in MAC and not in Windows, then you will surely have to go to the store to buy the MAC version now. Sadly, this is how it is handled.

  • Cannot Copy

You bought a licensed software and you want to share it with your friends … I regret to tell you that this activity is illegal and in case two or more access with your same license, it can be banned and canceled. So in a nutshell, one of the most notorious disadvantages of Commercial Software is the fact that you can not copy the software. It is only of the person who bought it and you swim, for any doubt with this, you can consult the license or the same developer.

  • Impossible to Modify

A few paragraphs ago, he mentioned that for developers, commercial software is not his favorites, nor for programmers, something that ordinary users do not share. And one of the main reasons, is because you can not get your hands on the source code of the software. In fact, most of the systems you buy, do not give you access to the source code. Therefore, there is no way you can make any changes.

  • Restrictions for Use

Commercial Software, is equal to software for which you buy nothing and that covers not only people, but computers. In case, for example, that you have 3 computers in your house, you would legally have to buy 3 licenses if you want to use it in the 3 computers simultaneously. The other option is that every time you go to use the software on a different computer, remove and put the license to not have any kind of problem.

Now imagine this at the business level. If a company has a development team with 10 people, you will need 10 licenses. For a company is much more delicate process of licensing, since they are constantly monitored and monitored by the companies responsible for legal software and the legality and use of this mainly.

  • Redistribution is NOT Possible

Possibly I have already mentioned it before, but it is important to mention this great inconvenience that commercial Software has in itself. For example let’s see. A very noticeable drawback is that it is not possible to redistribute the software that you just bought. For example, you can not make a CD image and upload it to the Internet so that others can download it, because this activity is completely illegal and if you do not believe me, you can find it in the license that you just acquired, just check it to find out of what you can not really do.

  • Higher cost in Commercial Software

Do you want to talk about prices ?. Surely you have already gone to a technology store and checked the price of the Office package, a good antivirus or the Windows operating system itself. Any of these Commercial Software has a really high cost or market value. Obviously comparing what would be free software and the possibility of downloading the internet programs quietly and without spending or moving your economy. This is one of the reasons why many use pirated software, something that is not good, but that the high cost borders on that.

  • Technical support

Earlier I mentioned that technical support was one of the advantages of commercial software. And that certainly was an important part to highlight, for the help that this can provide us. However, something that few know, is that the technical support of a software is only for that person who acquired it. If more people use it, and want to contact technical support, this help will be denied, even when you are already in a phone call with them.

  • Proprietary Software

As you know, commercial software is also called Proprietary Software. And specifically, this is also one of the drawbacks. When acquiring a proprietary software, you as a client or user, will have a certain level of dependence towards the company that owns the software. Unlike Free Software as such, in which you will not even have the need to contact the developer, you can send your comments or doubts, but regularly among the same users in some forums, they give what is the attention to clients or the support help.

Types of Commercial Software

Currently, with the advance of technology. The software has changed the way it is distributed and the way it is actually installed. That is why below we will see what are the types of commercial software that are currently handled, so you can identify them in case you find one of them.

  • Commercial Software On CD . When you go to the store to buy new software, everything you find there will be in CD or DVD format, in the end it has been the same. This type of commercial software, has been used for decades and today is still working, however the technologies advance and with it the new trends. For this reason it is expected that in a few years, this type of software will no longer be promoted and sold in stores.
  • Commercial Software in USB . To put aside what is the CD or the traditional plastic where the installer came, software sales were also made through a USB. You bought the package and the installer was now a USB memory. The problem clearly lies in the problem of distribution and piracy, but it is like any other, if today you can not pirate, surely tomorrow you can and that is the ideology that many manage.
  • Commercial Software in the Cloud. The trend obviously had to change, times are moving fast and software in the cloud is what is currently managed. But how does it work? It’s simple, now you only have to download a simple installer. This installer will be responsible for doing all the work on your computer, to let the software you need work. Basically all the files to be installed are in the cloud, so you only need an internet connection, which nowadays everyone has and is ready. This type of software also has the advantage that it can sometimes be multiplatform. Well, the fact of only needing an installer and the rest is handled by itself, makes that even from tablets or mobile devices, works in the same way. Just remember, an internet connection is mandatory to work on it.


Commercial software is the most sold and the most used worldwide. Although there are currently a lot of people, making campaigns for the use of free software. The reality is that the advantages and comforts that this type of software gives us, for the moment is irreplaceable. Not only because the software and its usefulness are more specific, but also because the graphic quality, design and functions offered will always be much greater.

In fact, there is something you must accept. Even when you try to focus only on using free software and nothing else. I assure you that there will come a time when you need to perform an activity and this is easier with commercial software. I clarify that it is only a situation, I never say that the commercial software is better or I do promotion to buy anything. However, it is one of the advantages of commercial software and should be considered

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