Advantages and disadvantages of electricity

 We will talk about the  advantages of electrical energy , this being a source of energy that can be achieved thanks to the movement of charges rich in negative and positive electrons.

Once the electricity is produced, it is moved to our homes thanks to the use of conductive materials such as metal cables and copper.

The origin of electrical energy usually comes from power plants, which are divided according to the sources of energy that will be used for the production of electricity. In short, electric power  can be obtained through solar,  hydroelectric , thermal, nuclear, wind and other power plants.

One of the main benefits of electric power is to be important for everyday life

Electricity today is an indispensable part of our lives as we have become accustomed to using a wide variety of electrical devices in our day to day, either during our work hours or when we arrive at our homes at dusk in order to entertain us using a TV, Laptop or other devices.

In addition to this, electric power is a basic service that any home should have, since it is a basic necessity for human progress and in order to perform daily tasks . However, this source can also be dangerous and you must take the appropriate safety measures to avoid an accident due to its misuse.

Electric energy, conceptualized from a physical point of view, is the expression of an electric current, which is generated by a dissimilarity of electric potential between two points that are specific.

Now let’s know a little about the advantages of electric power, as well as its disadvantages:

Advantages of electric power

  • Electric power is very easy to distribute and transport.
  • Thanks to electricity we can improve our performance due to the wide range of devices that facilitate our activities in the office or home.
  • This may be the most accessible source of energy in urban areas that are far from cities.
  • With electric power you can illuminate the avenues and / or streets.
  • It is also very useful to improve communicating around the world through the use of devices.
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Disadvantages of electric power

  • When electric power is produced through coal plants, nuclear power plants and others, it usually releases certain by-products harmful to the environment.
  • In order to obtain a vast capacity of electrical energy, hundreds of natural habitats can be destroyed due to the space needed to produce it.
  • There are millions of people who use electricity in an exaggerated way. This can be a great environmental waste especially if they are obtained from non-renewable sources.
  • We have become very dependent on electrical energy and in case of a massive cut everything would become chaotic.


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