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The difference between epilation and depilation

Epilation and epilation: the difference between the two methods. Unwanted hair is a very common problem and all women try to eradicate it with hair removal. Perhaps this problem has never been raised, but there is a difference between epilation and epilation. The first is the way to remove unwanted hair by removing the root, while the second method, of shorter duration, cuts the hair simply at the base of the stem. Let’s see what are the differences and the different hair removal methods.

First, we must remember that hair has a life cycle that consists of three phases: the anagen phase (in which the hair grows), the catagen phase (the phase in which the hair reaches maturity) and the telogen phase (the phase that precedes hair loss). Since the three phases cannot be synchronized with all the hair, there is no method that, in a single session can permanently remove all the hair.

The methods of hair removal

Among the most popular methods of hair removal is the depilatory cream, the razor, both electric and normal and even hair removal with abrasion. Depilatory creams are currently recommended for everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin. They are designed with some natural ingredients and to be effective with hair removal. It is recommended, however, that you always follow the instructions found in the box. Another hair removal option is the classic razor (the blade), with which you can eliminate hair quickly and painlessly. Of course, it is not durable and is a type of hair removal that can produce ingrown hairs that can grow crooked and be causing small infections in the dermis. That is why it is advisable to use foam for hair removal and soothing gels. Then we have the hair removal by abrasion that consists of special gloves with which rubs the area to be treated, they are not indicated for sensitive skin.

The methods of epilation

Most popular methods of epilation are warm wax, warm wax and cold waxWax is a long-lasting method (a few weeks): hot wax, however, is not recommended for those who suffer from varicose veins because the heat could worsen the problem. Depilation with cold wax is less painful, so it is used for sensitive areas. The tibia is very similar to the warm one, but they are not painful. Then there are electric epilators that tear the hair and the bulb through the rotating forceps: for many women it is a painful method and others find them comfortable and delicate. Laser hair removal and pulsed lightIt is the ultimate in permanent hair removal. These methods must be performed by a dermatologist or a qualified center. They eliminate the hair that thanks to the impulses of light that burn the bulb so that it inhibits the growth of the hair.

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