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Thermoelectric vs compressor wine cooler

If it is time to buy a wine cellar to keep your wines refrigerated, you have already raised this question: thermoelectric wine cooler or wine cooler with the compressor. The truth is that they are different devices with very marked characteristics and depending on your circumstances you will better one or the other.

We all like to be good hosts with the guests at home and always offer them the best. A wine bar is a perfect, efficient and economical solution for wine conservation. This one is affected by many factors among which these stand out:


The ideal temperature for a wine is between 10ºC and 16ºC, depending on the type of broth.


The ideal humidity would be between 55-75% to avoid affecting both the bottle and the wine. With a lower humidity, the cork can contract and cause the air to penetrate inside, while with higher humidity bad odors and labels can be damaged.


To renew the air and avoid odors. Good ventilation helps to preserve the wine but above all to a good cooling.


The wine must always be horizontal,  at rest and away from appliances that produce vibrations that may disturb the fermentation of the broth. Avoid placing the wine cellar next to appliances with centrifuges such as washing machines or dryers.


It is necessary to avoid that the sunlight directly affects the wine, it is a danger for its maturation. A good wine cellar should have double glazing and a sheet that prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays.

Thermoelectric wine coolers

You can also find them with other names such as semiconductor or ‘Peltier’ , which is the device that causes the thermoelectric effect by which the machine works. They have been in the market for a long time and they are widespread throughout the world.

The fundamental thing about this type of wine cellar is that it depends on the ambient temperature for its better functioning, the level of efficiency and consumption is closely related to this. Its average temperature reaches from 12ºC to 18ºC and its cooling capacity is around 10ºC less than the outside temperature.


  • If you do not need a lot of capacity, they give you the option of smaller appliances, which makes it easier to find a space at home.
  • They barely make noise, on average about 25 dB. You will not even know you have one.
  • They do not vibrate, that allows you to save the bottles of more duration in time.
  • They are cleaner with the environment by not using any type of refrigerant.
  • Ideal for red wines, which do not require temperatures below 13ºC.
  • They are usually cheaper.
  • They keep the temperature more stable and for a longer time.

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  • More limited power level.
  • If you are looking for great capacity, it will be difficult and more expensive to find a really efficient one.
  • Use almost dedicated to red wines.
  • It affects the ambient temperature so it is not suitable for very hot places.
  • They cannot be encased since they need ample space around them to ventilate. At least 8 cm
  • They require more regular maintenance.

Wine coolers with compressor

They have an operation similar to that of conventional refrigerators, through the compression of a gas with which the interior of the appliance is cooled and through a thermostat by which we decide the temperature we want at each moment.

They are able to work without affecting the outside temperature and give a greater storage capacity since their power is higher . In addition, the range of temperature that can reach is higher and is between 4ºC and 20ºC.


  • More power and cooling capacity.
  • You can place them in rooms or warm places .
  • The outside temperature does not affect them .
  • They are more modern and technologically more effective .
  • They can be larger and allow the storage of more bottles .
  • By having a wider temperature fork, they are valid for all types of wines .
  • They have improved a lot in terms of less noise and vibration compared to a few years ago.
  • They need less maintenance.

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  • They usually have a higher price than thermoelectric.
  • Its average size is larger, something that can be an inconvenience if you have little room.
  • Although they have improved, they still have small vibrations due to the proper functioning of their cooling system and this causes the wine to have to have more rotation.
  • They are noisier, some reach 40 dB.

Taking into account all these pros and cons of each type of wine bars, now the important thing is that you know what your own circumstances are to know which wine cooler can be adjusted more to your needs.

I do not want to end this article without remembering that these two types of wine bars, is the most widespread in the market, are not the only ones. There are also mixed wine bars, which are versions that come to collect some of the features of both a price and intermediate specifications, and castables wine bars are wine bars that can integrate furniture since have a system front ventilation.


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