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What is the differeence between a body sunscreen and facial sunscreen

Sun protection is essential in summer if we want to take care of our skin and avoid the appearance of possible sunspots and premature aging. For this, we need to use the right cream for our skin and, most importantly, specific for each part of the body. Would you like to know why? We tell you what a difference between a facial sunscreen and a body one, and why you should use both.

Difference between a facial and a body sunscreen

When the good weather arrives, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach, the pool, and the summer outings. But they also say that one of the things we remember most at this time are certain smells, with sunscreen and aftersun being the most common among the population. This data only indicates one thing: sunscreen is synonymous with summer and we must use it yes or yes.

However, when we go to the store to get one, we always have the same question: do I have to buy a facial sunscreen and a body sunscreen, or does the body protector serve the whole body? Next, the answer.

Body sunscreen

Body sunscreen is the king of sales during the summer. We can find it as a body milk, as a cream or as a spray, although in any case, the protection will be the same as the sun protection factor as a reference.

This product is suitable for daily use, although some tend to have a slightly oily appearance that may not be to our liking, so we will probably end up using it only when we go to the beach or the pool. However, its use is essential and we recommend that you look for one that suits your needs.

It usually does not cause any kind of reaction, although when approaching it to the eyes and mucous membranes we can feel itching and even irritation can occur if it comes into direct contact.

Facial sunscreen

Years ago we only used body sunscreens but little by little more specific ones have emerged, such as facials, lip protector, and eye contour. For what? Precisely because they are specific and achieve a more appropriate effect for the specific area where we are going to apply it.

Facial sunscreens have a higher price than body sunscreens because of the number of additional properties that it includes when taking into account that it is the most sensitive area and exposed to solar radiation. In particular, we talk about moisturizing, nourishing and hypoallergenic substances that help us to keep our cellular DNA protected.

On the other hand, this softer and more delicate composition of the facial sunscreen also offers a very different effect on the body: in the first place it is easier and more convenient to apply because the texture of the cream is much less oily, and secondly It is created so that the eyes do not get irritated and we do not feel the sting that the corporals generate.

Finally, something fantastic about facial creams is that you can get them with an extra benefit for your skin. In fact, in the market, you can already find some that prevent wrinkles or that revitalize the tired face.

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