Pros and cons of a unique brand strategy

Are you thinking about launching a product line and are not sure how to do it? Read this first and decide if you need a unique branding strategy or it is preferable to use other methods . Here we reveal pros and cons that will be interesting for you to make a decision.

What is the unique brand strategy?

Before continuing, we will clearly define what a unique branding strategy is . Once this is done, we will begin to shed its advantages and disadvantages.

The unique brand strategy consists in the use of the same nomenclature of all the products that a company markets . In this case, it may coincide with the company’s own or not. It is a decision that depends on each factory.

Pros of the single branding strategy

Once we have defined what a unique brand strategy consists of, we will know its most important advantages :

  • One of the most important advantages of the unique brand strategy is the knowledge of the user . That is, once your audience knows your name, it will be very easy to recognize each and every one of the products you sell.
  • Another important advantage of the single branding strategy is cost savings . Since you already have the name of your product, it is much more economical than having to do market studies and surveys among your audience to know how to achieve more penetration with a particular service.
  • As is logical, another point in which you will save good money is in the subject of the promotion . If your products are already known by the general public, you will not have to carry out large campaigns to achieve consumer recognition.
  • There is also an important point of prestige in the use of a unique branding strategy . That is, if your products already have visibility on the part of the public and are to your liking, every time you launch new campaigns you will have enough gained ground, since the consumer already knows you and knows that you offer a minimum quality standard.

Cons of the single brand strategy

In the same way that the single brand strategy has a series of important advantages, it should also be noted that not everything is positive. There are certain aspects that can go against you . Let’s see some of them:

  • In case a product of your brand fails, think that name is associated with everything you have for sale in that market. This means that you can create a drag effect that upsets your entire strategy and can end in a resounding failure.
  • In another order of things, when you play everything to a letter, you need to succeed yes or yes. That is, if your unique brand strategy does not achieve the intended penetration, your entire line will be damaged . You already know that none of your products has achieved the desired effect, so that everything will remain in the wire and with few possibilities of salvation.
  • Another negative effect of the single brand strategy is associated with the name of the company. If your company and your brand coincide and the campaign does not work, your entire corporate network could be compromised . From that moment on, any other product that you launch, even if you change the nomenclature of the line, could be affected by being associated with the bad image that you have earned in the past.

When to use a unique brand strategy?


The experts and the own experience recommend the use of the strategy of unique mark in a certain supposition. This would be in the launch of a whole line of products that have to see each other .

As an example of unique brand strategies, we can highlight cases such as a line of sportswear that can carry related items, clothing and everything that is necessary for the exercise.

A company dedicated to dairy or motor will also be able to benefit from the prestige with each new related product that it launches.

However, it is not good to use the unique brand strategy in products from different sectors . Take as an example the assumption in which a company that sells cars would like to launch a furniture line. Can you imagine that your sofa and your car had the same name? Do you think that the prestige of a company associated with the engine can be supported by the use of wood? Evidently not.

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