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Signs of a high blood sugar level that everyone ignores

In case of having high glucose level, you will be able to lose weight in the short term even if you eat a lot and the caloric value of the food is high. And there are several reasons for this: Most people think that only diabetics can have high blood sugar. But it is not so, anyone can suffer from this and not even notice the damage it causes in their nerves, blood vessels and internal organs.

We are sure that in order to prevent complications, it is important to know how to recognize the worrying symptoms and take action on time. We share the signs that there is a problem with your sugar levels.

Being hungry all the time:

The high level of sugar prevents the glucose from being released into the cells and, as a result, the body does not receive energy and is forced to keep asking for food again and again: it seems a vicious circle.


Excessive fatigue: 

In case of high sugar level, the body is not able to conserve and absorb glucose in the way that it should. The energy is not used efficiently and the body’s cells do not receive the fuel they need. All this causes that the person feels tired even without having reasons for this.


Frequent urination: 

If the sugar level is too high, the kidneys       cannot ignore it. Therefore, to try to balance the concentration of glucose in the blood and in the cells, the organism dissolves the blood with the intracellular fluid, thus bringing the concentration of glucose in the blood to normal. And the result is frequent urination.


Dry mouth, very thirsty:

Dry mouth and high thirst are the answer to excessive fluid loss. The corresponding signal is sent to the brain by the hypothalamus, which evaluates the level of dehydration of the blood and causes thirst. Of course you should not stop drinking. But give preference to water and tea without sugar.



In case of having high glucose level, you will be able to lose weight in the short term even if you eat a lot and the caloric value of the food is high. And there are several reasons for this:

  • The loss of fluids due to frequent urination causes a low level of fluids throughout the body, which causes weight loss.
  • If the level of insulin is not sufficient for glucose metabolism, the body will focus on burning fat.
  • The large amount of urine with a high level of glucose causes the body to spend more calories. In this way the body tries to “get rid” of excess glucose.


Infectious diseases: 

Urinary tract and fungal infections exist in both men and women. But they are most often found among women with high blood sugar and diabetes. The large amount of sugar creates an excellent environment for fungi and bacteria to reproduce.


Dry Skin:

Dry skin may be related to a high blood sugar level for different reasons:

  • Excessive urination dehydrates the body to such an extent that the skin tissues begin to dry out.
  • Cutaneous problems in the legs are a sign of atherosclerosis: hardening and narrowing of the arteries and reduction of blood circulation; It is a disease that often goes hand in hand with diabetes.
  • Damage to the nerves can interrupt the normal functioning of the sweat glands. And these, as is well known, influence the water balance of the skin.


Difficulties with concentration and memory:

The high level of sugar prevents glucose from being released into the cells of the brain, therefore, the brain will have difficulties with the production of energy. This will affect your speed of thought and decision making.



Blurry vision:

Blurred vision is also the result of dehydration due to the increase in blood sugar. Everything suffers from this, including the cells of the eyes. As a result, they become deformed and the eyes lose the ability to focus properly.


Slow healing of injuries and cuts:

The slow healing of the skin and soft tissues is explained by the fact that the high level of glucose prevents the leukocytes from adhering to the walls of the blood vessels. The control system of the chemical signals of the organism is destroyed , which sends the leukocytes to the areas of injuries or infections.

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