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10 bad habits that prevent you from succeeding in your life


Many people have mentalities and attitudes that prevent them from succeeding and achieving the goals that are set.

Maybe you are one of those people …

Have you ever wondered if your habits are really obstacles in your life? That what you usually do almost without thinking is what separates your triumph from your failure?

If you really want to achieve something great, achieve your goals , and grow as a person, you better start eliminating these 10 bad habits from your daily routine.

Otherwise, you will always fail in everything you do.


1. Stop being so lazy!


– I will start writing my book when I finish watching my favorite television show. Ah, but now I’m hungry: I’m going to take something to eat and then I start writing.

– Now that I’ve eaten, I’ve been sleepy. A nap does not hurt anyone, right?

Have you ever seen yourself in this situation? Surely yes. It has happened to me too.

But lazing is the first bad habit that is hurting you the most and the one that prevents you from taking the steps to get what you want.




One of the hardest parts (and the most obvious) to achieve success is to start working to achieve it.

Procrastinating – which is the same as delaying your tasks for later -, making excuses or tricking ourselves to roam just grounds the fact that we will never do what we should.

It will not sound beautiful, nor is it easy, but the best way to achieve success is to stop being a bum and moving into action.

Staying in the same place without doing anything will never make you go forward and reach the goal.


2. The world is not to blame

It is much simpler to blame others instead of examining us and seeing our mistakes.

– The fault of everything is the money that I do not have. I could not do this because I do not have time. If someone had given me only one chance …

We blame others when something goes wrong. But what happens when we succeed? We attribute all the success. We have done it ourselves, without help from anyone.




If you think about it, we are in a moment in history where many people create successful businesses in a few months, get promoted even if they do not have a dime to do so, and achieve success in one way or another.

That kind of people know that there are things that are out of their control; but they also know that blaming others is just a waste of energy and time.

Why do not you follow his example and stop reproaching the world for the bad that happens to you? If others have been able to do it, you can also, and you have everything you need inside to succeed without blaming others.


3. Envying others will not make you more successful

Envying the success of someone close to – or distant from – you is almost as bad as blaming others. And 90% of the people are responsible for this bad habit.

All the time and energy that you could be putting in reaching your goals you waste against a person who, probably, the only thing he has done is to show you that if you want, you can get it.




It is also not necessary that when you meet someone successful, you applaud all their movements and praise the great triumphs that they have achieved.

But to envy him will only make your character more bitter and waste your time.

Let those jealousies slip and leave, and take your time to take the necessary steps to reach the goal you have set for yourself.


4. Do not despise the achievements of others

Again, you do not need to be around people telling them how good they are for what they have achieved.

But neither minimize nor despise the efforts that have been made to get where they are.

– So she has climbed Mount Everest. Bah … a lot of people have done it too, it has no merit.




Never despise others because they have actually done something that you would also like to do,but for what you have not wanted to strive or have not dared.

Everyone has their circumstances and problems in life and what you may think is silly, perhaps for someone else is something important and has cost a lot of work.

Think about it: if you got something important for you, would you like people not to give importance to you and that they cast you looks of contempt?


5. Stop talking so much and take the step

Another bad habit that is really a stone on the road to your success and with which you will not get anywhere is to talk too much.

– I’m going to do this, I’m going to do the other thing, I have this thought …

You talk a lot about what you plan to achieve, but you do nothing. Talking about your goals and what you are going to achieve with them is very good.

But that time you spend talking is better to invest in doing something important.




There are studies that show that talking about our personal goals means that the chances of achieving them decrease.

It is better to write them down and point out what approximate steps we will need to take to achieve them.


6. Assumptions are bad friends

You know what they say about assumptions: that they are the origin of failure.

An assumption is just an idea that has no real basis , and can cause a lot of harm not only to others, but to yourself.

People who are not successful are the best at making assumptions without considering other points of view or other opportunities.

Losing one opportunity after another because you have made an assumption will only discourage you , or completely spoil something you have put a lot of effort into.




– If I go ahead with this, maybe it’s a failure. I do not know if I can get it.

People often surprise what happens if they decide to take action instead of listening to that tiny pessimistic voice that exists in their heads and that makes them doubt themselves.

Take off this bad habit of making assumptions as soon as possible and make your life motto “never assume anything”.


7. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Surely this is one of the most obvious bad habits, right? It is very similar to wandering or being lazy, only procrastinating is even worse because it involves several areas of our life.

That great project you have? Bah, you can leave it for next week. What’s wrong with your dream of being a writer? I’m going to take a class to learn to write in a few months.

Until then, I’m going to relax here with a soda watching TV.

Procrastination is not friends with successful people. In fact, it is your worst enemy.




I know that this is perhaps the most difficult habit to eliminate of all. Everyone wants to leave an afternoon with friends to stay at home investigating the steps to follow to carry out our projects.

But you must send it far away as soon as possible.

A trick that always works for me when I have to do something that I do not like is to think about the result I’ll get when I finish it, and the funniest things I can do once I’m finished.


8. Why are you so negative?

– It will never work. It is impossible. I will not be able to do it …

If you are a negative person with yourself, it is time to put yourself in front of the mirror and analyze a little the thoughts that go through your head.

Think about it: there are a huge number of people who at one time thought that a human could not travel to space , that you could not make a person fly, or that no one could find a cure for an illness.




But they were wrong. There were people who did what once seemed impossible.

If those great characters of history at the time could challenge the whole world, why can not you defeat your pessimistic interior and achieve success?

What do you think, that you are not special? That you are not strong enough to overcome it? Of course you are!

Within you there is a strength and special abilities that only you possess. But to get them out, you must first believe in yourself and stop putting obstacles that are only in your head.


9. Throw that hamburger that you’re eating

It may seem silly, but consumerism not only kills your career to success: it will also do it with your body and your mind.

Fast food, energy drinks, junk programs broadcast on television …

How do you expect to find a balance in your life to achieve your goals, if you do not have a healthy and orderly life?

Eating unhealthy foods will only make your body feel more tired and your brain slow down. So, you just want to be lying on the couch watching whatever you put.




And where does all that lead you? To do nothing. To always be in the same place. To not progress and lose your life while others do amazing things.

So lift your ass off your chair, eat a little healthier, walk every morning 30 minutes, and you’ll see how you feel you have the energy to do whatever you set out to do.


10. Surrendering is the worst habit of all

You can feel good trying something and, when things go wrong, leaving. At least in your head you will have the satisfaction that at least you tried.

But throwing in the towel, even if you tried, is the mortal enemy of successful people .

If you believe in something really, and want to find success in it, nothing will stand in your way.

You may have to find a secondary road to get where you want, but nothing will stop you.

If you leave the middle of the road just because a wheel has been punctured, then you are condemning yourself. Is something silly like that going to make you stop?

If it does, it’s because you do not really care about the destination you’re headed for.

Remember this phrase: if the plan does not work, change the plan, but do not change the goal.



Success or whatever you want to achieve depends on you. And you have strength and courage to overcome everything that comes before you, whether they are external factors or your own thoughts.

Everything depends on the attitude you have. But these attitudes are not engraved in stone. It’s never too late to start a new habit or change your perspective.


Which of these bad habits should you change in your life? Leave me a comment below telling me what customs you should change and maybe I will tell you what mine are!


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