Best herbs to improve blood circulation

Poor blood circulation causes different harmful effects. And maybe, we are already suffering and not aware of this problem. There are natural herbs for circulation that can correct these symptoms, which we do not pay much attention .

Maybe we do not know what are some of the symptoms of bad blood circulation It is really, fundamental that, the blood flow to all parts of our body  because the blood has to carry to the every cell of our body; nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and oxygen. And facilitate the functioning of the heart.

Many people at some time in life, or chronically,may have felt swelling, cramps or tingling in legs and arms. And even, a deterioration of the nails or hair and these effects can be produced by poor blood circulation.

The plants that must be taken in infusion for blood circulation are those that have fluidifying properties, which reduce the formation of clots, those that have protective properties of blood vessels and are also very interesting those that favor the elimination of liquids.



Nature provides us with all kinds of plants and herbs that we use as medicinal remedies with great results and no harmful effects.

In the case of poor blood circulation, plants with diuretic and anticoagulant properties are appropriate to solve it. Among them the most used herbs for circulation are:

  • Horsetail . It is a powerful diuretic that in addition to preventing the accumulation of fluids, provides flexibility to the arteries and balances cholesterol levels. Recipe: Decoction for 30 minutes of 100 gr. of the dry plant per liter of water. Take a couple of cups a day.
  • Rosemary . It is a very useful herb for other problems but also, in this case, it is a great activator of blood flow.
  • Dandelion : is a diuretic herb that enhances blood flow to the legs. An infusion of external baths gives very good results because of its calming property.Dandelion: gets the body to eliminate liquids, improves blood circulation.Recipe: Infusion of dried leaves.Take 3 cups a day.The same infusion can also be made with the mixture of leaves plus roots.
  • Ginseng . This is one of the herbs for circulation that is used in the form of a capsule or blister that facilitates administration.


  • Stinging Nettle .The infusion of nettles is an excellent iron supplement in the treatment of anemia. It helps regulate hypertension combined with hawthorn and lemon balm, and is a traditional remedy for varicose veins mixed with motherwort and royal pate.


  • Ginger .Effective circulatory and vasodilator stimulant that also exerts an anti-cholesterol action. You can take ginger powder dissolved in hot water, in tincture or in capsules, to relieve cold in feet and hands, and contribute to the treatment of arteriosclerosis.
  • Hawthorn:Traditionally used as a restorative of the heart and for circulation, hawthorn helps regulate heart rate and hypertension. Take in infusion, tincture or capsules.

White hawthorn:If we need to lower blood pressure. Recipe: Infusion of a spoonful of mixture of flowers and dry leaves.Take two cups a day.To improve the blood circulation of the heart muscle:

Maceration of 2 tablespoons of dried flowers in 80 g of 30 º alcohol. 90 drops daily diluted in water divided into 3 doses.

Combined with lemon balm and hawthorn in infusions or tincture, alkaline reduces hypertension and treats arteriosclerosis. Wet a cotton disk in diluted tincture or cold infusion to stop nosebleeds.


  • Linden
    flowers The small-leaved linden flowers help reduce stress and tension associated with hypertension, and is also used to strengthen the arteries and relieve headaches resulting from hypertension. It is often combined with hawthorn and taken as an infusion or tincture.
  • Garlic
    Helps prevent the increase of cholesterol and has a beneficial anticoagulant action for thrombosis and arteriosclerosis. Take the raw garlic, in juice or in capsules.

Garlic is very suitable to fluidize blood circulationRecipes:

–       Half a gram of tincture per day.

–        Raw in salad.

–        Maceration of 100 grams of garlic in 400 grams of wine alcohol. Take half a teaspoon before going to sleep.

  • Rosemary
    Circulatory tonic traditionally used to strengthen the heart, reduce varicose veins and prevent arteriosclerosis. Combine with lemon balm in infusion to avoid headaches derived from hypertension.
  • Ginkgo
    stimulant of circulation and peripheral vasodilator. Combine with hawthorn to treat arterial diseases. Combine with alkaline to treat varicose veins. Combine with ginger to treat cold extremities, intermittent claudication and chilblains.
  • Goji
    Tonic ,Chinese  believed it to provide a long life. Its berries, is a star ingredients in the West, it is a tonic for the circulatory system ,blood, and relieve dizziness .
  • Hamamelis
    Dip a cotton disc in witch hazel distilled with hazelnuts and apply locally to fever, swelling, itching in varicose veins, hemorrhoids and chilblains.

Plants that promote venous circulation will help relieve symptoms of leg heaviness and general circulation.



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