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Does sugar cause dry skin

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The largest organ of our body, the skin,it  is highly vulnerable to high levels of blood glucose, and the damage manifests itself in various ways, from small rashes and spots to ulcerations and inflammation, medically called dermatitis. Even if it is not mentioned, dandruff is also a manifestation of alteration in the diabetic and non diabetic patient’s skin.


The excess of sugar in the blood causes dehydration and dryness of the skin, as well as itching; In addition, because it is dry it is prone to infections by fungi or bacteria. However, atopic dermatitis is uncommon but it is important to pay attention.

 Patients with type I diabetes tend to have dry skin, that is, they lack lipids ( fat) that represent an important cutaneous barrier in the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Why is dry skin getting worse with sugar?


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